Counseling Services
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***If you or someone you care about are suicidal or in need of immediate assistance, please contact Campus Safety and Security at 608-780-1582 or your local emergency provider***


Counseling Services is Here to Help

  • College life can be exciting, challenging, and very stressful. College students are faced with many changes in their lives, which can be difficult.

  • Learning to balance personal life, academic life, athletics, and relationships (roommate, significant other, family, etc.) tends to be one of the biggest struggles for students, traditional to adult learners.

  • Counseling Services is here to help those who need support adjusting to the college and life challenges. 

  • Whether is it one visit or multiple visits, Counseling Services is free to all students enrolled in academic coursework here at Viterbo University.

  • No one needs to struggle alone with these challenges. Let Counseling Services help you develop skills and techniques to live a balanced and healthy life.

Vision Statement

The Viterbo University’s Counseling Services strives to provide and believe in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment to promote intellectual, and emotional growth and foster personal and social learning and development.  

Mission Statement

Counseling Services at Viterbo University promotes the mental health and well-being of students. Services provided are based on fostering the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, occupational, and physical development of each person served.


    After Hours Resources

    • Campus Safety and Security: ext. 3911 (on campus) or 608-780-1582 (off campus)
    • Lifeline: Text "Listen" to 741741 or
    • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
    • Life threatening emergency: 911
    • Great Rivers 24-hour helpline: 211 (land line or campus phone) or 800-362-8255 (cell or land line).  This is a free, confidential help-line for community information, referrals, and crisis services 24 hours a day
    • Mobile Crisis: 608-784-4357
    • Gundersen Healthcare System: 608-782-7300 or 800-362-9567
    • Mayo Healthcare System: 608-785-0940 or 800-362-5454