Campus Activities

Campus Activities

Get Involved with Campus Activities!

Classroom education is a priority in your college career, but the learning experience should not stop there. Research shows that 80 percent of learning takes place outside of the classroom, and it’s important to have fun college memories too. Campus Activities organizes and oversees events focused on expanding the student’s collegiate experience with opportunities to meet new people, build your resume, manage your time, relieve stress, and grow in leadership. 

VU After Dark

Every Friday and Saturday night at when classes are in session, VU After Dark holds a variety of events on campus for all Viterbo students. Events range from casino nights, BINGO nights, open mic nights, hypnotists, and much more. All activities are free or low cost for students to attend and are a great way for students to enjoy their weekend.

Student Organizations and Sports Clubs 

Viterbo University's 35-plus student organizations/Sports Clubs serve as an added educational resource to students, giving them experiences related to their classes and providing a variety of activities to supplement and balance their lives. Involvement in a group that helps to explore interests can be a source of developing skills, learning more about a particular area, building relationships with others, and assuming leadership roles. 

Student Activities Board (SAB)

If free fun is for you, then you don’t want to miss out on Student Activities Board events. SAB is a student organization that helps plan events like Halloween Week, Homecoming, Courtyard Carni, community nights, bus trips to attractions outside of La Crosse, and other activities. All students are welcome to participate in the events or join SAB to help plan free fun.

National Society of Leadership and Success

Campus Activities invites students to build leadership skills by participating the Viterbo Chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success. This program teaches leadership skills by asking students to participate in a variety of activities. Once students complete their participation in the required activities, they become inducted as a member of the national organization. During the process and after induction, additional opportunities are offered for students to practice their newly learned skills by attending programs, participating in service, and/or becoming an officer for the chapter. Campus Activities also offers a variety of leadership opportunities for students to gain valuable skills that employers are seeking, such as communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. Positions include but are not limited to:

  • VU After Dark programming assistants
  • Student organization officers
  • Work-study experiences during the academic year and summer