Math, English, and Spanish Placement

Math and English Placement are Determined by ACT Scores

Math and English placement are determined by ACT or comparable SAT scores. Students should work with their academic advisor and refer to their catalog requirements to determine appropriate MATH and ENGL courses needed based on placement and major-specific requirements. 

ACT Math Score Math Placement
27 (or higher) MATH-220
24 - 26  MATH-113, MATH-230, MATH-255, or MATH-270
19 - 23 MATH-112, MATH-130, or MATH-155
17 - 18 MATH-112 and MATH-081 (JIT), MATH-130 and MATH-083 (JIT), or MATH-155
1 - 16 MATH-091


ACT English Score English Placement
23 (or higher)

ENGL-105 (or ENGL-195 for Honors Program)

18 - 22  ENGL-103, ENGL-104
17 (or below) ENGL-103 with Workshop, ENGL-104


Spanish Placement

A Spanish placement exam is available for students who have taken Spanish in high school, have been exposed to Spanish as a second language, or have lived in a Spanish speaking country for an extended period of time. Students will be placed into the appropriate Spanish course after the exam has been evaluated. Students who then complete the course with a C or above will receive from 3 to 12 credits of retroactive credit depending upon the course they completed.

Students can take the Spanish Placement Exam at any time. To enroll in the exam, please contact Lisa Konkel by calling 608-796-3467 or emailing