Drug Free Workplace Policy Statement

Viterbo University is committed to maintaining a drug-free workplace in compliance with applicable state and federal laws. The unlawful possession, use, distribution, dispensation, sale, or manufacture of controlled substances is prohibited on university premises and at university work sites. Use of alcoholic beverages at university events is prohibited except when approved by the director of the Fine Arts Center, the Vice President for Student Development, or by the President as appropriate.

Employee violation of this policy may be cause for action including, but not limited to, referral to appropriate agency or agencies for evaluation and to determine the appropriate treatment or rehabilitation, participation in a drug rehabilitation program, separation from university duty, termination of employment, and/or referral for prosecution. Participation in a treatment program will not affect future employment or career advancement, nor will participation protect employees from disciplinary action for substandard job performance. Students who violate this policy will be governed by the university’s Code of Student Conduct and subject to disciplinary action up to and including suspension, expulsion, and referral for prosecution.

Under the requirements of the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988, an employee who is convicted of any criminal drug offense must notify his or her supervisor within five days. When notified of an employee conviction for an offense occurring in the workplace by an employee working on a federal grant or contract, the university will inform the granting or contracting federal agency within 10 days.

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