Environmental Science (Minor)

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College of Engineering, Letters, and Sciences

Humans are inescapably connected to the environment—from food and medicine to the services the environment provides (clean air and water for example). For students concerned about the human impact on the environment and how to improve the world, an environmental science minor is an excellent choice. The environmental science minor at Viterbo University helps connect students to the natural world through a flexible program with a broad-based background in biology, chemistry, environmental science, and sustainability courses. This minor takes an integrated approach to environmental studies with a systems-level view of how organisms interact with the environment, helping graduates in a variety of careers.



    ENVS 325, minimum of 12 credits from BIOL 161, 251, 310, 321, 340, CHEM 101, 372, ENVS 101, ESCI 101, PHYS 102, SUST 350 (maximum nine credits per subject). Eight credits must be unique to the minor.