Music (Minor)

Degree Type
Area of Interest
Performing Arts
Degree Level
Conservatory for the Performing Arts

Minors at Viterbo University generally require between 15–25 credits upon completion. Transfer course and waivers and/or substitutions could modify these credit totals.



    Music Theatre Major: two credits aural skills, five credits of applied music lessons, five semesters of ensembles (min three credits), six credits of music electives. Non-Music Theatre Major: MUSC-151, one credit piano proficiency, two credits aural skills, three credits applied lessons, three semesters ensemble (min one credit), six credits of music electives. Eight credits must be unique to the minor.
    # GROUP.ID 49697; PRINT "MUSC-151" Take MUSC-151(101); # GROUP.ID 49698; PRINT "One credit piano proficiency." Take 1 credits; From courses MUSC-105(95) MUSC-205(118) MUSC-206(119); # GROUP.ID 49699; PRINT "Two credits of aural skills." Take 2 credits; From courses MUSC-106 MUSC-107 MUSC-208; # GROUP.ID 49700; PRINT "Three credits of applied lessons." Take 3 credits; From courses MUVO-171(103) MUVO-371(104) MUPI-171(105) MUPI-371(106) MUVO-168(5706) MUVO-368(5707) MUPI-168(5708) MUPI-368(5709); # GROUP.ID 49701; PRINT "Three semesters of ensemble (min one credit)." Take 3 courses; From courses MUSC-137(99) MUSC-337(115); Minimum 1 credits; # GROUP.ID 49702; PRINT "Six credits of MUSC electives." Take 6 credits; From Subject MUSC;