Logging Into RefWorks

Tuesday, July 9, 2024
RefWorks Logo

Have you been having problems logging into RefWorks? Here are some tips:

  • RefWorks doesn't use your Viterbo network login. You have to create your own personal login for it.
  • The first time you use RefWorks, click on the gray button which says, "No account? - Sign Up Here," at the bottom of the login screen to create your personal account.
  • Do NOT use the blue button which says, "Use login from my institution." Viterbo is not set up to use that system.
  • The next time you log into RefWorks, use your personal account to log in.
  • If you forget the password for your personal account, click on, "Forgot your password?" to reset it.

For more information, see the RefWorks guide. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us via chat, e-mail (reference@viterbo.edu), or phone (608-796-3269).