Frank A. Casagrande Gifts Casagrande Consulting to Viterbo

Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Frank Casagrande

Higher education effectiveness consultant Frank A. Casagrande has gifted the future of his company, Casagrande Consulting, to Viterbo University. The in-kind donation is valued at $1 million.

Renowned in private higher education circles throughout the nation, Casagrande Consulting offers assessment, analyses, and other client services in three main categories: executive, faculty, and staff compensation effectiveness; board effectiveness; and leadership effectiveness. It has served more than 100 institutions of higher learning since its founding in 2009.

“This gift is a way for me to give back to higher education what it gave to my family and me,” Casagrande said. “Being able to do this is more than I ever dreamt possible.”

At Viterbo, the consultancy will become the Casagrande Institute for Higher Education Effectiveness and will be part of the university’s Center for Professional Learning effective July 1.

“Frank is wholly committed to fostering transformation within institutions of higher education and it is an honor to continue this work and build upon the strong legacy of Casagrande Consulting,” said Nicole Van Ert, director of the Viterbo Center for Professional Learning.

The Casagrande Institute will continue to specialize in serving institutions of higher education and offering the same services to clients. Frank Casagrande will continue to serve as an executive in residence.

“I just knew Viterbo was the right place because of who it serves,” said Casagrande of his decision of where to gift the future of his business. “They have many first-generation students and others who need financial aid to attend college, and that’s similar to my family background. I also greatly appreciate the university’s Catholic, Franciscan values, their care for veterans, and I have great faith in their leaders and their willingness to think outside the box. Viterbo changes lives through the education it provides for generations to come.”

Viterbo University President Rick Trietley said the Casagrande Institute will be a tremendous asset to the university.

“Casagrande Consulting has a sterling reputation, and the work it did for Viterbo was exemplary,” Trietley said. “The entire university community extends its gratitude for this incredible gift. We are truly honored, and the Casagrande Institute will be an integral part of the university and its successful future.”