4th Annual Library Scavenger Hunt - And the Winners Are...

Friday, December 1, 2023
Gabby Ramsey and Megan Wheelock

The winners of this year's Library Scavenger Hunt (for the second year in a row!) are Megan Wheelock and Gabby Ramsey! The Grand Prize is a reserved study room during Finals Week along with a goodie bag of snacks and treats. Congratulations Gabby and Megan!

Here are the answers to all of the questions:

1. What is the title of the book with the call number BF 637 .C6 L44 2019? 

     Multicultural Issues in Counseling: New Approaches to Diversity

2. What company sponsored the Art Gallery Exhibit Area (located at the end of the long hallway on the first floor)?

     La Crosse Footwear, Inc.

3. How many computers are in the Library Instruction Lab (M240)?

     25 (Including the instructor’s computer)

4. Who painted the Madonnas of Color hung near the fireplace?

     Brother Mickey McGrath

5. In whose memory is the semi-circle computer lab (located about half-way down the long hallway) on the first floor dedicated?

     Jason David Koppelman - Jason was a Viterbo student who was killed in a car crash.

6. What is the name of the FSPA Sister pictured on the library’s history wall behind the fireplace?

     Sr. Frances Claire Mezera - Sr. Frances Claire was a long-time library employee who served as Director, as well as Archivist.

7. How many windows are in study room M249?


8. What common animal on campus is pictured in the library’s mural in the Children’s area, and what color is it?

     Brown squirrel

9. How many study carrels are on the library’s second floor?


10. What popular 1980s movie that is now a musical on Broadway did the library recently purchase a new book about?

     Back to the Future - The book is Creating Back to the Future: The Musical which can be found in the New Books display area.

11. What are the first names of the couple whom the Robers Silent Study Room is named for?

     Charles and Marikaye Robers - The silent study room is located at the far north end of the library on the first floor.

12. What color is the ottoman in the Calming Corner (located outside of M110)?


13. How many fire exit doors are there in total in the library?

     7 (Don't forget to include the main entrance/exit!)

14. How many reservable library study rooms have projectors and screens in them?

     1 (M233) - The Instruction Lab also has a projector and screen, but it is not a reservable study room.

15. What is the title of the book with the call number RT 42 .H65 H45 2022?

     Dossey & Keegan’s Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice

16. What is in room M134?

      It’s a storage room.

17. What book collection on the first floor is nearest to the library’s Puzzle Place?

     Recreational Reading - Come check it out if you'd like some lighter reading, or want to spend some time working on the puzzle!

18. Who is the artist of the three works of art hung by the library elevator on the first floor?

     Jean Piaubert

19. At the Main Desk, what is the first book listed on the Sociology bookmark?

     Six Feet Kissing the Earth - We have bookmarks with recommended titles for many different subject areas there!

20. According to the plaque near the library’s entrance/fireplace, what campus organization was responsible for funding the Refresh Project in 2022?

     The Student Government Association/SGA - And we thank them once again for their generosity!

21. According to the library history wall (located on the wall behind the fireplace), what active campus center was located in the first floor area by the stairs where students now spend time studying?

     The gymnasium - You can see a picture of what that area looked like when it was a gym in one of the pictures on the history wall.

22. What is the library’s motto (posted on the exterior entrance/exit)? Who said it, and what does it mean in English?

     Sapere Aude, Horace (displayed on the outside of the south entrance to the Murphy Center), Dare To Be Wise (displayed on the inside of that same entrance).

23. How many bathrooms are on the library’s second floor (located near the elevator)?


24. Name one of the two campus clubs sponsored by library staff members. [Hint: look for signs in their work areas.]

     Chess Club (sponsored by Bud Andrews) or VU Book Club (sponsored by Jodi Hilleshiem).

25. What National Park is pictured in one of the photographs hanging in the library’s first floor hallway?

     Yosemite National Park - The picture can be found near the bathrooms opposite the Children's and Curriculum Collections.

Thanks to everyone who played!