Medical Nutrition Therapy III

Advanced study of the principles of nutrition in health and disease. Interrelationships of nutrition with biochemical, physiological and anatomical changes associated with acute, chronic, and terminal illness, surgery, and trauna will be covered. Medical Nutrition Therapy with a focus on assessment of patient nutrition status, care planning, monitoring and outcome evaluation of nutrition status will be stressed. Case based discussions and presentations will address monitoring of metabolic and nutrition status parameters using the nutrition standardized language. Current research in clinical nutrition will be included in duscussions and journal review assignements. The following topics will be covered in class: nutrition support, surgery, critical care, HIV infection/AIDS, immunology, cancer, organ transplants, and GI, endocrine, pulmonary, liver, and renal diseases. This course is an advanced course on enteral and parenteral nutrition for the nutrition professional, with emphasis on the clinical practice applications. The course will provide the foundation in enteral and parenteral nutrition as well as in-depth concepts associated with the delivery of these therapies. Students and faculty will explore these topics in a seminar format. An evidence- based approach will be used.