Dietetic Internship Rotation 1

During the program, learning experiences allow the intern to: Assess the nutritional status of patients with complex medical conditions; diagnose nutrition problems; plan and implement nutrition interventions; and monitor and evaluate problems, etiologies, signs and symptoms, and the impact of nutrition interventions. Establish collaborative relationships with patients, caregivers and health professionals. Use effective education and counseling skills to facilitate behavior change. Develop time management and critical-thinking skills. Function as the clinical staff dietitian in various areas to assess nutritional status and to develop and implement an appropriate care plan for each client. Develop and demonstrate professional characteristics expected of a dietitian. Develop, conduct, supervise and evaluate a community nutrition intervention project. Provide nutitional care for individuals and groups in community-based settings. Develop and provide food and nutrition services in a health care setting. Perform management functions related to safety, security and sanitation that affect employees, customers, patients and food. Demonstrate and promote responsible use of resources, including employees, money, time, food and disposable goods. This course is for dietetics internship students only.