Ethical Issues in School and Society: Past, Present, and Future

Students in this course are charged with examining the role of an educator as a moral steward. Students will be asked to think about the individual role that they assume in achieving and maintaining a more democratic and ethical society through education. Investigations into controversial ethical issues and dilemmas prepare educators to critically think through potential situations that may arise with students, parents, administrators, and peers. Students will look at the overview of the systemic nature of education and schooling, with emphasis on the role of the teacher. Students will be introduced to the concept of learning in community, and the concept of nurturing and care for the system of education. The lens of the Viterbo values will be utilized and applied to teachers' roles in the educational system. These values are contemplation, hospitality, integrity, stewardship, and service. Using these values as a lens, students will review and take a stand on critical issues facing education at the present time.