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We are focused on Board, Leadership, and Compensation Effectiveness within Institutions of Higher Education.

The Casagrande Institute for Higher Education Effectiveness, serves private, not-for-profit institutions, especially those with religious affiliations. Our independent and experienced consultants have become the partner of choice for developing, implementing, and maintaining processes, philosophies, and programs that withstand scrutiny and receive the support of institutional stakeholders.

Our integration with the Center for Professional Learning at Viterbo University provides expanded opportunities to serve higher education. The Casagrande Institute proudly sponsors the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC), the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities (ACCU), and the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU).

100+ Institutions Served  |  30+ Years of Experience

Faculty and Staff Compensation

The Casagrande Institute guides organizations through the intricacies of faculty and staff compensation, ensuring pay structures are fair, competitive, and strategically planned. Our comprehensive services include:

  • readiness assessments.
  • competitive analyses and development of benchmark institutions.
  • development of custom reward strategies, which take into account both internal and external influences on compensation.

By assisting with the design and implementation of a clear compensation philosophy and framework, we empower institutions to make informed decisions on investment prioritization.

Board Effectiveness

The Casagrande Institute offers board effectiveness services that underscore the indelible link between robust board performance, presidential assessments, and strategic institutional planning. Our approach incorporates confidential stakeholder interviews to gauge board effectiveness and emphasizes the critical relationship between the board chair, institutional CEO, and committee chairs. Additionally, we provide skilled facilitation for trustee and leadership meetings to ensure all voices are heard and creative solutions are fostered, leveraging our neutrality to foster trust and full participation in decision-making and strategic planning processes. This external guidance ensures a clear, unbiased approach to navigating complex governance challenges.

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Executive Compensation

The Casagrande Institute delivers expert executive compensation services to prepare institutions to address and manage scrutiny in economically challenging times. Our offerings include:

  • comprehensive education for boards and compensation committees.
  • executive compensation process reviews.
  • thorough assessments of total remuneration.

We also aid in clarifying executive roles, ensuring IRS Form 990 compliance, and developing compensation components such as incentives and retirement plans. Our services equip leadership with the tools to recruit, reward, and retain top talent.

Leadership Effectiveness

The Casagrande Institute offers specialized leadership effectiveness assessments to evaluate and enhance the performance of executive teams, including presidents and their cabinets in higher education. Our services facilitate annual reviews for immediate strategy and compensation adjustments, alongside comprehensive assessments every three to five years for in-depth analysis. We provide objective, confidential feedback mechanisms and act as neutral mediators to guide leadership and governance boards toward strategic alignment and institutional advancement. Through this process, we ensure leadership actions are in sync with the long-term goals of the institution.

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