Students will intern in a domestic Spanish-immersion context. Time commitment is equal to the time commitment for a three-credit Viterbo internship. Prerequisite: grade of BC or higher in 305 or 306 or by departmental exam, or department consent.

A minimum of four-week language and/or cultural study in a Spanish speaking country to explore the realities of peoples in their context. Courses taken abroad should be transferrable to Spanish courses at Viterbo University, and they are expected to expand and enhance students' social, political, historical, linguistic, and cultural perspective on Spanish speaking countries. It is strongly recommended that students pursuing a Spanish major do their Study Abroad the first or second summer after enrolling at Viterbo (See SPAN 100, 200, 300)

A course designed to develop conversational strategies and socio-linguistic competence, and to refine grammatical and strategic accuracy for low-advanced speaking proficiency by studying variation in Spanish dialects. Use of technology and print materials such as blogs, websites, and videoconferencing as related to current events and issues in Latin America and Spain. Prerequisite: grade of BC or higher in 305 and 306.

A course designed to guide students to an advanced-low level of writing various forms of Spanish specifically for media and online platforms. Use of authentic digital and print materials drawn from current events, topics, and issues in the Spanish speaking world to facilitate learning written communicative and socio-linguistic skills. Prerequisite: grade of BC or higher in 305.

As a general introduction to Spanish linguistics, this course studies phonetic and phonological features as well as morphological and syntactic phenomena of the Spanish language. Building on the grammatical, social, and cultural knowledge about linguistics that students already have, students will develop a better understanding and control of language by comparative analysis of Spanish and English. Prerequisite: BC or higher in 305 or 306.

This course is designed for students to demonstrate all the linguistic, social and cultural skills acquired in the Spanish program at Viterbo University. Students are expected to integrate their learning about language and social justice issues in the Spanish-speaking world. Students should work with a Spanish language faculty member to select and develop a theme to be presented at one of the undergraduate research events on campus. Prerequisite: grade of BC or higher in 405 and 406. May be repeated for credit. Most students should plan on two semesters to complete their capstone work.

A course offered on a special topic in Spanish on the basis of need, interest, or timeliness. Restricted to students with junior standing or higher. May be repeated for credit. For specific section description, click to the Section Details in VitNet.

Non-classroom experiences in the field of Spanish. Placements are off-campus, and may be full- or part-time, and with or without pay. Credit for experiences must be sought prior to occurrence, and learning contracts must be submitted before the end of the first week of the semester. See the experiential learning: internship section of this catalog for more details. Restricted to students with junior or senior standing. Graded CR/NC.

Guided reading and research on a topic selected by the student and approved by the instructor. Refer to the academic policy section for independent study policy. Independent study contract is required. May be repeated for credit.

This high-intermediate Spanish course works to incorporate higher level grammar skills into active spoken conversation by studying the process of building and carrying out interviews with native speakers of Spanish. Coursework aims to take intermediate conversation skills up to a high-intermediate level of proficiency and does include some written composition. Prerequisite: grade of BC or higher in 250 or 251 or by departmental exam.