Ethical Leadership (EdD) with Superintendent license

Degree Type
Area of Interest
Degree Level
College of Business, Leadership, and Ethics

The superintendent track of the EdD in Ethical leadership brings together Viterbo University's expertise in servant leadership and education to instill ethical leadership in education to support our future administrators. Graduates of this track will receive their EdD in Ethical Leadership and the coursework and practicum necessary for the Wisconsin (WI 5003) Superintendent licensure.

Candidates must possess a principal licensure for admission.

  • Credit hours: 48
  • Location: La Crosse, WI

Students will maintain a GPA of 3.0.

Transfer Credit

Individual consideration will be granted in the awarding of transfer credits. Up to 15 credits may be transferred to Viterbo University. These credits must meet equivalency requirements of the Doctoral Degree in Ethical Leadership.


All students will complete a dissertation prior to graduation from the EdD program. During the program students are prepared with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully accomplish a dissertation. Each student will select a faculty mentor and a committee to help with the process. A final copy of the dissertation will be submitted to the program director and archived in the Viterbo University Todd Wehr Memorial Library.

Learning Outcomes
  • Students practice leadership with advanced competency consistent with established leadership theory
  • Students can conceptualize human relationships from a variety of theoretical perspectives and demonstrate empathy and acumen in navigating them
  • Students will demonstrate leadership behavior consistent with internalized virtues of valuing human dignity, collective action, and servant leadership
  • Students can read, interpret, and conduct research relevant to leadership practice
  • Students can identify and discuss their potential role as advocates for improvement in organizational stewardship in the professional communities and larger society they serve
  • Students can assimilate the knowledge and skills intro the competencies required for their specific intended professional setting