Master of Business Administration

4+1 BBA/MBA Program

Are you a Viterbo University undergraduate student wondering about your next step?

Whether your major is in business, science, arts, or any other field, the Dahl School of Business offers you the opportunity to increase your employability and accelerate your career while finishing a graduate degree in only one year. An MBA provides the breadth and depth of organizational knowledge that serves anyone working in organizations and focuses on the common good of business, not just the bottom line. Furthermore, the 4+1 MBA program allows current students to enjoy an incredible value in cost and time spent on the degree.

Program Benefits

  • Graduates put themselves on a career path toward any management or leadership position. More and more organizations, locally and nationally, are requiring a Master's degree for management roles.
  • In a world where bachelor's degrees are becoming the norm, a graduate degree will differentiate the graduate from others entering the workforce.
  • Accounting majors graduate with the 150 credits necessary to sit for the CPA exam
  • The MBA degree is earned in half the time normally spent on the degree
  • 4+1 students enjoy continuity of their education and the relationships they've built with peers and professors in the DSOB and VU. Students continue to receive the personal attention to student learning that Viterbo values.
  • Up to nine graduate credits may be taken during the senior undergraduate year at no additional tuition cost.
  • Dynamic curriculum is designed to equip students with skills to help organizations meet and exceed the growing demands of sustainability and corporate social responsibility efforts

Program Requirements and Costs

Students in the 4+1 program must complete:

  • 128 undergraduate credits meeting all general elective requirements, business core requirements, and business major requirements. This course work is completed in the first four years of the program, so the student receives the BBA degree after four years.
  • 34 graduate credits.  The first 9 graduate credits may be taken during the student’s fourth undergraduate year.  In one additional year, the student graduates with an MBA.
  • PDF iconMBA 4+1 Sample SchedulePDF iconmba41.pdf

PDF iconmba41.pdf

Requirements for admission to the 4+1 program include:

  • Online application
  • Interview with MBA program administrators
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Essay describing the student's desire to pursue an MBA and anticipated contribution to the learning environment of the program

Students are advised to apply for admission to the MBA program during their sophomore, junior, or senior year and are admitted on a provisional basis. Provisional admittance will become full graduate admission if the student has maintained a B average, received no grade lower than BC on all graduate work completed, and  received the undergraduate degree.

Transfer students can complete the program, but the number of semesters required will depend on the number and type of undergraduate credits transferred to Viterbo.

For more information, contact Tiffany Smith, Assistant Director,  Graduate Enrollment, College of Business & Leadership, 608-796-3379 |