Institutional Review Board (IRB)

IRB Committee Members

IRB member information (2018-2019)

The table below reflects the composition of Viterbo's IRB and includes all variables required by the OHRP.

Name Degree Primary Specialty Affiliation with Institution (Y/N) Scientist (S) Or Nonscientist (N) Sex (M/F) IRB Member Since
David Bauer (Chair) Ph.D. Psychology Y S M 2016
Melinda Langeberg Ed.D. Education Y N F 2015
Maria Morgan-Bathke Ph.D. Nutrition and Dietetics Y S F 2016
Michael Parker Ph.D. Psychology Y S M 2014
Annette Roter Ph.D. Business Y N F 2014
Joanne Sandvick M.A. Leadership N N F 2011
David Saunders-Scott Ph.D. Psychology Y S M 2014