Employee Directory

Image First Namesort descending Last Name Departments Location Phone Position E-Mail
Lieanna Owen Physical Plant Phys. Plant 608-796-3922 Custodian lkowen@viterbo.edu
Linda Kneifl Physical Plant Phys. Plant 608-796-3920 Administrative Assistant lpkneifl@viterbo.edu
Linda Hinkley College of Education, Science, and Mathematics, Master of Arts in Education MRC 401 608-796-3090 Administrative Assistant, Graduate Programs in Education lkhinkley@viterbo.edu
Linda Schams Biology RCE 017 608-796-3464 Instructor lmschams@viterbo.edu
Lindsay Cummings Academic Resource Center MRC 332 608-796-3190 Writing Specialist for Graduate Programs (pt) lrcummings@viterbo.edu
Lisa Christie Library MRC 108 608-796-3268 Reference Librarian (pt) lmchristie@viterbo.edu
Lisa Konkel Center for Student Success MRC 333 608-796-3467 Assistant Director, Student Success and Retention lmkonkel@viterbo.edu
Lisa Schoenfielder School of Fine Arts, Art Department FAC 324 608-796-3755 Professor lschoenfielder@viterbo.edu
Liza Ware Psychology MRC 548 608-796-3715 Associate Professor/Chair eaware@viterbo.edu
Lorie Michaels Business Office MRC 214 608-796-3852 Office Clerk lmmichaels@viterbo.edu
Luann Fowler Graduate Program in Nursing NRC 408 Assistant Professor (pt) ltfowler@viterbo.edu
Lynn Tully Athletics VAC 608-796-3811 Administrative Assistant latully@viterbo.edu
Lynne Kuhl School of Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing NRC 504 608-796-3678 Assistant Professor lmkuhl@viterbo.edu
Malena Lupient Career Services MRC 381 608-796-3839 Interim Career Services Specialist mmlupient@viterbo.edu
Marci Kuhrt Sport Science and Leadership, Recreational Sports AMC 175 608-796-3120 Director, Campus Recreation and Student Leadership mkkuhrt@viterbo.edu
Marcia Brendum Fine Arts Center FAC 102 608-796-3733 Box Office Coordinator mabrendum@viterbo.edu
Marcia Hagen Graduate Program in Nursing, School of Nursing NRC 419 608-796-3693 Assistant Professor mkhagen@viterbo.edu
Margy Frazier Student Life, Residence Life MHS 106C 608-796-3842 Assistant Director, Residence Life mcfrazier@viterbo.edu
Maria Morgan-Bathke Nutrition and Dietetics NRC 520 608-796-3660 Assistant Professor memorganbathke@viterbo.edu
Marilyn Wilder Financial Aid MRC 218 608-796-3900 Administrative Assistant mvwilder@viterbo.edu
Mark Fugina Physical Plant Phys. Plant 608-796-3916 Maintenance Technician msfugina@viterbo.edu
Mark Seitz Instructional Design and Online Teaching MRC 244 608-796-3276 Instructional Support Assistant mjseitz@viterbo.edu
Mark Bateman Instructional and Information Technology MRC 514 608-796-3862 Programmer/Analyst mabateman@viterbo.edu
Mark Hamilton Library MRC 106 608-796-3277 Evening Services Librarian mahamilton@viterbo.edu
Marlene Fisher Criminal Justice, Women's Studies Minor, Social Work NRC 411 608-796-3725 Associate Professor mrfisher@viterbo.edu