November Remembrance

Dear Viterbo Friends:

“Pray for the people in your life who have passed away, remembering with gratitude any good examples they set
for you. Pray for those throughout the world who have died with no one to care about or pray for them.”

—Pope Francis

We here at Viterbo University have just celebrated the “transitus” of St Francis of Assisi. Each year on
Oct. 3, at sunset, Franciscans all over the world gather to commemorate a poignant event in the life
of our inspiration and ideal, St Francis of Assisi. The commemoration is rightly called a “transitus” which,
in prayerful detail, describes his passage from earthly to everlasting life. After listening to a reading from
the Gospel—the famous passage from John who writes about the washing of feet and the last supper—
and a recitation of his favorite psalm—psalm 142—St Francis embraced Sister Death on the evening
of Oct. 3, 1226.

Like St Francis, the presence of our family and friends who have died is still very close to us and the
entire university ceremoniously observes their passing on with prayer, Masses, and an altar on which their
photographs and/or cards with their names are carefully placed.

We offer you this opportunity to submit the names of your deceased loved ones for remembrance
here at Viterbo University throughout the month of November.

And let us also remember those victims who lost their lives as a result of hurricanes, earthquakes, and
horrendous shootings. May they be in the embrace of God and may their families know God’s compassionate

Fr. Conrad Targonski, OFM
Viterbo University Chaplain

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