November Remembrance

Dear Viterbo Friends:

Peace and all good!

What do Franciscans feel about death? Well, we see it within the context of creation
in which we make a dazzling discovery: God gently calls us to continue our transition,
or as Franciscans say, our “transitus” into His sparkling presence.

November is the traditional month wherein we place special emphasis on remembering those
of our families and friends who now enjoy that sparkling presence. Franciscans set aside a day
in late November to remember all our departed Franciscan family and friends. And on each
Oct. 3 evening and Aug. 10 evening, we solemnly commemorate the “transitus” of Saints Francis
and Clare respectively.

At Viterbo, in the San Damiano Chapel, we pray and sing with all our students, faculty, and
staff the praises of God whose embrace our loved ones now enjoy. We always welcome your
inclusion of individual names and requests so that they may be placed in a
special place within our university chapel.

On the evening before the 11th of August, Saint Clare of Assisi died and whispered these words
before she fell asleep in the LORD:

“Go on your way my beloved soul because you will have a good guide. Go because He who
created you, sanctified you and protected you as a mother protects a son, loves you with a great
love. May you be blessed Oh LORD, You who created me.”

We offer you this opportunity to submit the names of your deceased loved ones for remembrance
here at Viterbo University throughout the month of November.

May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Fr. Conrad Targonski, OFM
Viterbo University Chaplain

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