(WTC course 480111) Students learn the details involved in the mechanical and electrical integration of a PV system. Topics include the mechanical and electrical specifications, product integration, racking system design capabilities and limits, system diagramming, configurations, safety, common design mistakes and solutions, installation techniques. This course will involve students in the installation of a photovoltaic system.

(WTC course 606137) Students will learn the basics of design intent of a product/process through sketching and other technical communication skills. The course will develop the student's skill in readying engineering drawings including detail, assembly, welding, piping and electrical. Sketching instruction will be enhanced by disassembling, measuring and drawing the parts that made up an assembly. Students are simultaneously introduced to the concepts, commands and techniques used to create two-dimensional drawings using AutoCAD software.

(WTC course 410105) Students study methods and materials used in construction to include footings and foundations, walls, floors, and roofs. Students will examine various insulation types and moisture and air control layers. Additionally, students will be introduced to construction documents. The safe use of the appropriate tools for each trade is covered.

Independent reading and-or research under the guidance of an education department faculty member. Refer to Academic Policy section for independent study policy. May be repeated for credit. Independent study contract is required.

(WTC course 442106) Instruction in tungsten inert gas welding of stainless steel sheet in all positions as well as on tubing and pipe. ASME and AWS requirements are used as guidelines. Special focus is given to food grade welding procedures such as purge welding.

(WTC course 664110) In this course, learners are introduced to microprocessor controlled electromechanical systems. The learner examines how individual components work, and how they are integrated into simple systems. Upon completion of the course, learners will understand what technicians do in the workplace and how industry utilizes Mechatronics in advanced manufacturing.

(WTC course 606119) Materials selection is a critical component of the design process. If the properties of the material selected do not meet the specifications, then product failure will result. You will be introduced to the properties, classification, and applications of the materials used in the design and manufacutre of a product. You will access the characteristics of materials that impact their selection through labe activities, independent study and research.

(WTC course 614106) Introduction of Architectural CAD commands and drafting techniques used to produce architectural drawings. Drawings are created using basic through advanced commands, settings, editing, dimensioning and plotting methods. Techniques include the creation of the building information model, families usage and sheet layouts.

(WTC course 664102) This course covers fundamental wiring concepts, relay ladder logic, sensors, timers, motor fundamentals, motor starters and Variable Frequency Drives. It also includes an introduction to PLC hardware/programming along with Touch Screen/HMI applications.

(WTC course 664107) In this course, learners are introduced to programming techniques for industrial robots. The learner examines teach pendant programming including I/O, routines, decision making, six frames of positional operation, and robot communication. Upon completion of the course, learners will be able to operate and program industrial robots commonly used in Industry 4.0.