A One-of-a-Kind Experience for Cheyenne Nagle

Cheyenne Nagle

Cheyenne Nagle took a somewhat indirect route to enrolling at Viterbo University but said, “Viterbo has allowed me to find my passion for teaching and has reinforced my choice to be an educator. I chose Viterbo because I was looking for a program that really puts their students first. I am older than most of my classmates and needed to feel comfortable in the choice I made. The smaller class sizes and the great faculty in the education department made the decision much easier.”

Nagle is from La Crescent, Minn., and is a junior at Viterbo with a broad field social studies/secondary education major. She chose to attend Viterbo because she has always wanted to be a teacher and loves history.

“The courses at Viterbo really keep you on your toes,” Nagle said. “I enjoy that I have classes that both challenge and interest me. I like classes that put me outside of my comfort zone while helping me grow as an individual.”

Nagle finds her psychology, sociology, and education courses most interesting. “These courses are really interesting because they focus on how students and people grow and develop, and why they make certain choices.”

Nagle said of the Viterbo faculty, “I think the faculty at Viterbo is the biggest asset to the university. I have yet to encounter a faculty member that has not been willing to work with me as a student on issues that arise. The education department faculty has to be some of the best faculty ever.”

Post-Viterbo Nagle looks forward to finding a teaching job and also hopes to one day complete a master’s and doctoral degree. Nagle advises current Viterbo students, “Being a Viterbo student is a one of kind experience. Get to know the faculty as they really do care about all of us, and are here to help us grow to be the best professionals.”