Employee Directory

Image First Name Last Name Departments Location Phone Position E-Mailsort descending
Eugene Alberts Business Office MRC 214 608-796-3849 Assistant Vice President; Finance eralberts@viterbo.edu
Eric Schmidt Advancement MRC 223 608-796-3078 Major Gift Officer eschmidt@viterbo.edu
Edward Morrison Instructional and Information Technology MRC 303 608-796-3864 Microcomputing Systems Specialist etmorrison@viterbo.edu
Frank Ludwig School of Performing Arts, Theatre & Music Theatre Department, Core Curriculum FAC 227 608-796-3799 Professor/Director, Core Curriculum fpludwig@viterbo.edu
Greg Erpenbach Physical Plant Phys. Plant 608-796-3922 Custodial Services Supervisor gderpenbach@viterbo.edu
Grace Esselman Adult Learning RCE 016 608-796-3371 Admissions Counselor geesselman@viterbo.edu
Glena Temple President's Office RCE 103 608-796-3005 President ggtemple@viterbo.edu
Alessia Haas Dining Services Marian Hall 608-796-3830 Administrative Senior Assistant haas-alessia@aramark.com
Hilaree Alexander School of Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing NRC 505 608-796-3630 Assistant Professor healexander@viterbo.edu
Help Desk Instructional and Information Technology MRC 301 608-796-3870 helpdesk@viterbo.edu
Chad Gilbeck Instructional and Information Technology MRC 306 608-796-3871 Help Desk Manager helpdesk@viterbo.edu
Heather Butterfield Human Resources MRC 200 608-796-3930 Director hmbutterfield@viterbo.edu
Hope Hembd Advancement MRC 225 608-796-3068 Director, Corporate and Nonprofit Relations hmhembd@viterbo.edu
Hannah Herrera Library MRC 106 608-796-3271 Information Services Assistant (pt) hsherrera@viterbo.edu
Jayne Oliver College of Nursing, Health, and Human Behavior, School of Nursing NRC 107 608-796-3670 Administrative Assistant jaoliver@viterbo.edu
Jeff Poulin Instructional and Information Technology MRC 302 608-796-3865 Microcomputing Specialist japoulin@viterbo.edu
Jennifer Roberdeau Fine Arts Center FAC 102 608-796-3738 Director, Audience Services and Fine Arts Marketing jaroberdeau@viterbo.edu
Jennifer Sadowski Biology, Environmental Biology RCE 218 608-796-3466 Professor/Chair, Biology, Director, Online Instruction jasadowski@viterbo.edu
Jason Skoog Library MRC 128 608-796-3262 Archives and Systems Librarian jaskoog@viterbo.edu
Judy Stafslien School of Performing Arts, Music Department FAC 408 608-796-3767 Instructor jastafslien@viterbo.edu
Jamie Weber Nutrition and Dietetics NRC 523 608-796-3651 Instructor (pt) jaweber@viterbo.edu
Jeffery Nyseth Dahl School of Business BRC 230 608-796-3165 Associate Professor jcnyseth@viterbo.edu
Jack Hamilton Fine Arts Center FAC 102 608-796-3745 Facility Technical Director jdhamilton@viterbo.edu
Jeffrey Stolz School of Performing Arts, Theatre & Music Theatre Department FAC 220 608-796-3795 Professor jdstolz@viterbo.edu
Jeannette Armstrong Master of Arts in Education MRC 441 608-796-3395 Director, Graduate Programs in Education/Assistant Professor/Program Specialist jearmstrong@viterbo.edu