Employee Directory

Image First Namesort descending Last Name Departments Location Phone Position E-Mail
Carol Geszvain Assessment, Institutional Research MRC 501 608-796-3485 Research Specialist cjgeszvain@viterbo.edu
Carol Klitzke Nutrition and Dietetics, School of Health and Human Behavior NRC 521 608-796-3661 Professor cjklitzke@viterbo.edu
Carol Hines Master of Arts in Education MRC 443 608-796-3388 Assistant Professor cnhines@viterbo.edu
Carolyn Hanoski Academic Affairs MRC 230 608-796-3080 Executive Administrative Assistant cshanoski@viterbo.edu
Caryn Witt Admission RCE 113 608-796-3022 Visit and Events Coordinator clwitt@viterbo.edu
Catherine Wright Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry RCE 304 608-796-3469 Instructor (pt) cawright@viterbo.edu
Chad Kolbe School of Performing Arts, Theatre & Music Theatre Department FAC 226 608-796-3796 Associate Professor cskolbe@viterbo.edu
Chad Gilbeck Instructional and Information Technology MRC 306 608-796-3871 Help Desk Manager helpdesk@viterbo.edu
Chandu Valluri Dahl School of Business BRC 227 608-796-3378 Associate Professor cvalluri@viterbo.edu
Chase Thomson Athletics AMC 125 608-796-3128 Head Track and Field Coach cmthomson@viterbo.edu
Chris Sanger Institutional Advancement MRC 226 608-796-3070 Director, Benefactor Engagement and Stewardship cmsanger@viterbo.edu
Christina O'Neill Biology RCE 018 608-796-3427 Instructor (pt) cmoneill@viterbo.edu
Christine Hardie Enrollment Management, Enrollment Operations RCE 137 608-796-3026 Director, Enrollment Operations cehardie@viterbo.edu
Christopher Mayne Biology, Pre-health Professions RCE 222 608-796-3655 Assistant Professor cgmayne@viterbo.edu
Cindy Goede Instructional and Information Technology MRC 516 608-796-3869 Programmer/Analyst cmgoede@viterbo.edu
Colin Ward Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling MRC 560 608-796-3713 Visiting Professor ccward@viterbo.edu
Colin Burns-Gilbert Student Life MHS 103 608-796-3846 Integrated Learning and Programs Coordinator cgburnsgilbert@viterbo.edu
Dale Krageschmidt Dahl School of Business, Master of Business Administration BRC 217 608-796-3358 Associate Professor/Director, Graduate Programs dakrageschmidt@viterbo.edu
Daniel Johnson-Wilmot School of Performing Arts, Music Department FAC 421 608-796-3761 Professor dejohnsonwilmot@viterbo.edu
Danita Doerre Fine Arts Center FAC 102 608-796-3747 Scheduling Assistant (pt) dadoerre@viterbo.edu
David J. Bauer, Ph.D. David Bauer Psychology, Biopsychology RCE 215 608-796-3712 Associate Professor, Institutional Review Board Chair djbauer@viterbo.edu
David Waters Dahl School of Business BRC 109 608-796-3359 Associate Professor djwaters@viterbo.edu
David Saunders-Scott Psychology MRC 544 608-796-3719 Assistant Professor dpsaundersscott@viterbo.edu
David Simon Athletics AMC 124 608-796-3817 Head Men's Volleyball Coach/Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach djsimon@viterbo.edu
Dawn Bristow Physical Plant Phys. Plant 608-796-3924 Groundskeeper dlbristow@viterbo.edu