Employee Directory

Image First Namesort descending Last Name Departments Location Phone Position E-Mail
David Waters Dahl School of Business BRC 109 608-796-3359 Associate Professor djwaters@viterbo.edu
Dawn Bristow Physical Plant Phys. Plant 608-796-3924 Groundskeeper dlbristow@viterbo.edu
Dawn Mazzola Financial Aid MRC 218 608-796-3900 Assistant Director; VA School Certifying Official dmmazzola@viterbo.edu
Dawn Udenberg School of Nursing NRC 408 Assistant Professor (pt) dmudenberg@viterbo.edu
Deanna Mason Admission RCE 113 608-796-3010 Administrative Assistant dlmason@viterbo.edu
Deb Alexander-Friet Library MRC 128 608-796-3265 Cataloging Services Librarian dafriet@viterbo.edu
Debra Murray Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling MRC 560 608-796-3720 Professor; Program Director damurray@viterbo.edu
Debra Kappmeyer Communications RCE 007 608-796-3048 Associate Vice President dakappmeyer@viterbo.edu
Debra Daehn Zellmer Social Work, Gerontology Minor, College of Nursing, Health, and Human Behavior, Criminal Justice NRC 105D 608-796-3728 Professor/Chair/Assistant Dean, College of Nursing, Health, and Human Behavior ddzellmer@viterbo.edu
Deena Murphy Academic Affairs MRC 530 608-796-3075 Grant Coordinator dlmurphy@viterbo.edu
Delayne Vogel School of Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing NRC 107 608-796-3692 BSN Program Coordinator / Associate Professor dgvogel@viterbo.edu
Denise Homstad Student Affairs SDC 1 608-796-3825 Administrative Assistant dlhomstad@viterbo.edu
Dennis Molstad Physical Plant Phys. Plant 608-796-3929 Maintenance Technician dgmolstad@viterbo.edu
Derek Cortez Dahl School of Business, Master of Business Administration BRC 234 608-796-3373 Assistant Professor/Chair, Undergraduate Programs dscortez@viterbo.edu
Derek Evenson Physical Plant Phys. Plant 608-796-3922 Custodian devenson@viterbo.edu
Derek Klein Assessment, Institutional Research MRC 501 608-796-3486 Institutional Research Analyst dpklein@viterbo.edu
Devon Hauser Physical Plant Phys. Plant 608-796-3922 Custodian dmhauser@viterbo.edu
Diana (Dodie) Marriott Center for Student Success MRC 323 608-796-3060 Project Coordinator, Title III Grant ddmarriott@viterbo.edu
Diane Engh Business Office MRC 201 608-796-3854 Payroll Coordinator dkengh@viterbo.edu
Don Fritsch Athletics NRC 506 608-796-3819 Head Cross Country/Associate Track and Field Coach ddfritsch@viterbo.edu
Dorothy Lenard Biology, Chemistry RCE 315 608-796-3472 Administrative Program Specialist dblenard@viterbo.edu
Doug Wilken Fine Arts Center FAC 114 608-796-3740 Event Operations Coordinator dpwilken@viterbo.edu
Drew Crawford Physical Plant Phys. Plant 608-796-3924 Maintenance Technician djcrawford@viterbo.edu
Edward Morrison Instructional and Information Technology MRC 303 608-796-3864 Microcomputing Systems Specialist etmorrison@viterbo.edu
Elizabeth Marzoni English Department MRC 520 608-796-3480 Assistant Professor/Director, Honors Program esmarzoni@viterbo.edu