Employee Directory

Image First Name Last Name Departments Location Phone Position E-Mailsort descending
Kirsten Gabriel Student Life, Residence Life MHS 101 608-796-3840 Director, Student Life kkgabriel@viterbo.edu
Kathy Westcott Iowa Graduate Programs in Education Iowa 888-235-2200 Iowa Office Specialist kkwestcott@viterbo.edu
Kendra Bringe School of Education MRC 437 608-796-3386 Assistant Professor klbringe@viterbo.edu
Kara Good Adult Learning FAC 115 608-796-3399 Admission Counselor klgood@viterbo.edu
Kristin Roslansky School of Nursing NRC 517 608-796-3622 Assistant Professor klroslansky@viterbo.edu
Kasie Von Haden Center for Student Success MRC 339 608-796-3062 Academic Advisor klvonhaden@viterbo.edu
Kyle Backstrand Chemistry, Biochemistry RCE 212 608-796-3474 Professor kmbackstrand@viterbo.edu
Kim Ghelfi Academic Resource Center MRC 332 608-796-3190 Administrative Assistant kmghelfi@viterbo.edu
Karen Gibson Nutrition and Dietetics, School of Health and Human Behavior NRC 519 608-796-3662 Professor/Chair kmgibson@viterbo.edu
Karla Hughes School of Fine Arts, Theatre & Music Theatre Department FAC 430 608-796-3775 Associate Professor kmhughes@viterbo.edu
Kristen Nyholm Center for Student Success MRC 325 608-796-3061 Academic Advisor kmnyholm@viterbo.edu
Kim Olson-Kopp Library MRC 240 608-796-3263 Interim Director kmolsonkopp@viterbo.edu
Kristi Paulsen Student Affairs, Counseling Services SDC 6 608-796-3809 Qualified Training Therapist kmpaulsen@viterbo.edu
Karen Sandblom Wisconsin Graduate Programs in Education West Allis 1-800-234-8721 Administrative Assistant kmsandblom@viterbo.edu
Kenneth Felts International Student Admission FAC 119 608-796-3171 Director, International Admissions krfelts@viterbo.edu
Kenneth Barton Campus Safety and Security 608-796-3913 Campus Safety Officer (pt) kwbarton@viterbo.edu
Laurie Lachman Dining Services Marian Hall 608-796-3831 Catering Manager lachman-laurie@aramark.com
Lynn Tully Athletics VAC 608-796-3811 Administrative Assistant latully@viterbo.edu
Larry Harwood Philosophy, History MRC 539 608-796-3702 Professor ldharwood@viterbo.edu
LeeAnn Van Vreede Student Affairs, Counseling Services SDC 4 608-796-3808 Director, Counseling Services levanvreede@viterbo.edu
Lee Grosskreutz Physical Plant Phys. Plant 608-796-3922 Custodian lhgrosskreutz@viterbo.edu
Laurie Hilden Residence Life, Student Life MHS 106A 608-796-3844 Administrative Assistant lkhilden@viterbo.edu
Linda Hinkley College of Education, Science, and Mathematics, Master of Arts in Education MRC 401 608-796-3090 Administrative Assistant, Graduate Programs in Education lkhinkley@viterbo.edu
Lieanna Owen Physical Plant Phys. Plant 608-796-3922 Custodian lkowen@viterbo.edu
Laurie Kessler School of Education MRC 433 608-796-3383 Education Program Coordinator llkessler@viterbo.edu