Core Curriculum

VUSM 400 The Ethical Life

The Ethical Life builds upon the student's ethical reasoning to examine the role of moral values and to explore real world ethical dilemmas. The seminars may approach ethical living from a variety of perspectives, professions, and disciplines. Prerequisite: Any 300-level VUSM course. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of major ethical perspectives.
  2. Students will integrate ethical perspectives with case studies and propose a defensible solution.
  3. Students will reason logically on complex issues and have awareness of the general relations of premises to conclusion.
  4. Students will identify, locate, evaluate, and responsibly use information to communicate effectively.
  5. Students will demonstrate the ability to write an in-depth analysis of a moral problem.

An Ethical Life by Rick Kyte, common text for VUSM 400

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