About Viterbo University Assessment

To promote continuous improvement, Viterbo's assessment structure is built on the foundation of faculty-driven program assessment that is supported by the Office of Assessment and Institutional Research.

The central goal of the Viterbo University Academic Program Assessment Framework is to provide a structure for the continuous improvement of academic program quality. The framework is designed to accomplish two results for academic programs: 1) to gather information about the knowledge, abilities, and values of program graduates; 2) to use that information to improve teaching and learning in the program.

Academic assessment at Viterbo was substantially strengthened through the Title III, Strengthening Institutions Program.  Becoming Learner Centered, 2003-2008, was a successful effort to implement academic program assessment with an emphasis on learner-centered active learning. 

Mission and Goals

The two-fold mission of Assessment and Institutional Research is 1) to support the continuous improvement of student learning through planning, support, and training for assessment processes; and 2) to provide relevant, unbiased information for strategic planning and external reporting. 

The mission of AIR is met through the following goals:

  1. Sustain and strengthen Viterbo University’s commitment to assessing, confirming, and improving student learning;
  2. Coordinate external reporting of institutional statistics to state and federal agencies (IPEDS, WAICU, HLC), accrediting agencies, non-profit associations, and other organizations;
  3. Maintain a web site to communicate commonly requested information and to highlight materials that may be broadly useful for planning, assessment, evaluation, and decision making;
  4. Prepare descriptive and analytical reports for use by campus policy-makers and policy-making bodies (e.g., Information for Decision-Making and the Annual Assessment Analysis);
  5. Manage data by creating and maintaining a data warehouse containing longitudinal information on applicants, enrolled students, alumni, academic programs, instruction, and personnel.