Program Requirements

1.  24 credits -  Candidates must have a principal license #51

2.  Up to six graduate credits may be considered for waiver if taken within the last seven years. 

3.  Cohort-based – Students "travel" through the program courses together

4.  Applicants are required to have a master's degree and a principal license

5.  Courses

  • Educational Leadership flow chart 
  • Course assignments, activities, and assessments tied to the PI34 Wisconsin Administrator Standards required for an endorsement as a school superintendent
  • Courses include a link to the "real world" of administration including the Practicum course which includes on-site experiences
  • Instructors/advisors include a combination of professors holding a terminal degree in educational administration and instructors demonstrating expertise in the content area assigned to teach and are closely connected to the PK–12 schools

 Superintendent Licensure Courses:

  • EDUL 700 Superintendent I
  • EDUL 701 Superintendent II
  • EDUL 702 Superintendent Current and Legal Issues
  • ETHL 531 Interpersonal and Organizational Excellence I (Ethical Leadership)
  • ETHL 532 Interpersonal and Organizational Excellence II (Ethical Leadership)
  • EDUL 661 Superintendent School Business Office and Operations Management
  • EDUL 704 Collaboration Leadership for Learning/CIA 
  • EDUL 771 Practicum (200 hours)

6. A completed Assessment Capstone Portfolio must be submitted and scored before endorsement is given. Portfolio is scored "basic" or "proficient" in each category/section.
NOTE: Failure to satisfactorily complete the Licensure Capstone Portfolio can delay endorsement of the licensure application. Resubmission of deficient sections may be required.

7. Upon completion of the program the student is required to fill out a Special Recognition Award application. Please fill out the form and send it to the program Coordinator. This form is needed for transcripts to reflect a new license.


For information on this license, please contact:

Jim Bagniewski