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Strides June 2000
Viterbo University's Alumni Magazine


• On the Cover:
   Under near unanimous approval from all parties,
   Viterbo will officially become America's newest
   university on sept. 4. find out why Viterbo made
   the change and what it means for students,
   staff, faculty, and alumni.

• The Final Score:
   No one can deny that men and women have different
   natures. But how dois that tranlsate on the court or in
   the field when winning is the goal? Viterbo coaches,
   one faculty member, and a student talk candidly
   about the differences between men and women in
   the game.

• Thea Fest:
   They came for inspiration. They came to clap, sing,
   and remember the life of a great woman—Sr. Thea Bowman.
   Thea Fest 2000, a celebration of Sr. Thea in honor of
   the 10th anniversary of her death. take a closer look at the
   events of the day, at who Thea was, and at her thoughts
   on Viterbo.

•  Kathleen Kenkle:
   Having served Viterbo for 15 years, Sr. Kathleen Kenkel
   bids a fond farewell and marks the departure of one of
   Viterbo's last full-time FSPAs.


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