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Strides Spring 98
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• Olympic dream:    
When Mike Peplinski stepped onto the ice in Nagano, Japan, he
   realized a lifelong dream.  The 1996 Viterbo College graduate and
   Alma native recounts his time in Nagano.

• Journey of faith:    
Cindy Hutson ’88 is now preaching in front of her own Lutheran
    congregation. It has been a long and faith-filled journey.

•  Peacekeeper:
    Bosnia is a long way from La Crosse, but that’s where one Viterbo
    graduate ended up when she was called upon to help ease the suffering
    in war torn Bosnia.  In doing so, Kristine (Koetting) Campbell made military
    history by becoming the first woman and nurse to command a hospital
    in a combat zone.

• Viterbo’s her stage:
    After a successful career on and off Broadway, Susan Rush has given up
    the bright lights for a career in teaching.  With her comes a wealth of
    experience that will serve her students well.

•  New leadership:
     Silvana Richardson is a leader for the times. The new dean of the
     School of Nursing believes keeping up with the times is vital for
     Viterbo’s flagship program as it enters the new millennium.


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