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Medland Scholarship Now “Tops the Charts”

Former president Bill Medland received a number of awards in appreciation of his 15 years of dedicated service to Viterbo, but the results of a scholarship drive named in his honor will yield dividends for many needy students who wish to attend the university.

The scholarship tops $400,000, making it the largest single scholarship fund at the university. Based on an estimated average rate of return, the fund will provide over $20,000 in scholarship money to benefit first generation college students.

By definition, these students are from families where neither parent has completed a bachelor’s degree. Medland was given the opportunity to establish the guidelines for the scholarship named in his honor and he chose to target students who he felt were most in need.

“First generation students don’t always have a lot of financial resources available to them,” Medland said. “And for many, a scholarship can mean the difference between college or no college.”

Gary Klein, vice president for institutional advancement, helped organize the scholarship effort, an effort that was started at the trustee level. From there, the “cause” grew as others volunteered gifts to the endowment.

Individuals may make  a gift to the fund by going  to the Viterbo Web site at and clicking on “giving to Viterbo” or by contacting Klein at  608-796-3074.