Spanish Club



Mission Statement


Mission Statement: 

The Spanish Club fosters understanding and appreciation for Spanish and Hispanic-American cultures through experiences emphasizing language, social issues, service, and fun.


Membership in the Spanish Club is open to anyone currently enrolled at Viterbo University who value multiculturalism.


The collection of dues will take place at beginning of each fall semester and the cost is $10 which includes a t-shirt or $3 not including the shirt.

Executive Board: 

The Executive Board for the Spanish Club will consist of one President, one Vice President, a Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations, and a faculty advisor.
Duties of the Executive Board: 


  • Prepare the agenda for the meetings
  • Preside over all meetings
  • Serve as a representative at all events
  • Set meeting times and place
  • Facilitate committee projects

Vice President: 

  • Assist President
  • Take Presidential duties when President is unavailable


  • Contact all members about club activities
  • Take minutes at each meeting
  • Send minutes to all members via e-mail


  • Keep a record of all finances
  • Collect dues
  • Keep track of monthly financial updates
  • Submit reports at club meetings

Public Relations: 

  • Spreads awareness about upcoming events
  • Submit articles to different publications on campus

Tutoring Director: 

  • Send information to the Tribune to promote program
  • Keep track of parents interested in tutoring
  • Reserve rooms for tutoring
  • Prepare tutoring lessons for tutors and children
  • Write play that is performed at end of session
  • Call tutor meetings when needed
  • Responsible for finding and contacting tutors

Rompiendo Fronteras Newspaper Editor: 

  • Responsible for gathering articles from students and professors
  • Responsible for editing submitted articles
  • Responsible for layout design and publication


The student portion of the Executive Board shall be elected in the fall of each year.
The terms of these officials shall last until the following fall semester.
Special elections can be held in the spring in the event that an officer graduates in December.


Any dues-paying student member of the Spanish Club will be eligible to run for executive offices. Students can either volunteer or be nominated.


Amendments to the by-laws may be proposed at any meeting of the Spanish Club by dues-paying members. A proposal for an amendment must be presented and then seconded by another dues-paying member. Then, the amendment will be voted on by the entire club. The approval of the amendment will require a supporting vote of 2/3 of the entire club.