Social Justice and Equity Committee, Student Club, and Intern

Social Justice & Equity Committee 

The social justice and equity committee is comprised of faculty, administrators, and employees. The Breaking Barriers student club reports out (as a sub-committee) to support social justice and equity initiatives on the Viterbo campus from a strong student perspective.

  • Apryl Denny
  • Tom Dostal 

  • Kirsten Gabriel
  •  Vee Luz 

  • Jose Jefferson

  • Michelle Pinzl (chair)
  • David Saunders-Scott

  • Houa Yang

Breaking Barriers Diversity Club -- Executive Team for 2021-2022

Student Executive Team

  • Alexis Oestreich
  • Julianne O'Reilly
  • Samantha Street
  • Seanna Nikkila
  • Olivia Abernathy

Faculty/Staff Advisors

  • Michelle Pinzl