Social Justice and Equity Committee, Student Club, and Intern

Social Justice and Equity Committee 

The social justice and equity committee is comprised of faculty, administrators, and employees. The Breaking Barriers student club reports out (as a sub-committee) to support social justice and equity initiatives on the Viterbo campus from a strong student perspective.

  • Apryl Denny
  • Tom Dostal 

  • Kirsten Gabriel
  •  Vee Luz 

  • Jose Jefferson

  • Michelle Pinzl (chair)
  • David Saunders-Scott

  • Houa Yang

Breaking Barriers Diversity Club -- Executive Team for 2021-2022

Student Executive Team

  • Alexis Oestreich
  • Julianne O'Reilly
  • Samantha Street
  • Seanna Nikkila
  • Olivia Abernathy

Faculty/Staff Advisors

  • Michelle Pinzl