couryard carni 

Alexis Guerrero and Nikki Fanta volunteer at SOAHR's Courtyard Carnival table where we sold T-shirts and played a human rights trivia game.



Nikki Fanta, Danielle Elland, and Jocelyn Lutes give a presentation to the Amnesty International group about SOAHR's current and past activities.  We also gave this presentation at a Latin American Studies workshop on campus with university professors from all over the United States in attendance.


   group table 

Raising awareness and supporting justice for 17-year-old shooting victim Trayvon Martin by giving away Skittles with facts about the case outside the Student Union.  These students also did a march around campus to call attention to social injustices and racism.   


sign trayvon petition 

Students signing petitions for the prosecution of Trayvon's killer, George Zimmerman



In memory of Trayvon Martin...


gender equality 

Gender equality bulletin board for March 2012


group christmas tree 

SOAHR members Nikki Fanta, Jocelyn Lutes, Brittanie Dixon, and Laura Fox helped design and decorate the SOAHR Christmas tree. 


jocelyn and nikki tree 

SOAHR President Jocelyn Lutes and Web Editor Nikki Fanta pose by the completed SOAHR Christmas tree decorated for Viterbo's annual charity Christmas tree decorating contest. 


 pretty tree 

Peace Tree! 


laura and nikki tree 

Laura Fox and Nikki Fanta help decorate SOAHR's Christmas tree. 


decorating peace ornaments 

Devoted SOAHR members Amanda, Mandy, Laura, and Jocelyn work diligently on making ornaments to decorate the SOAHR tree for Viterbo's annual Christmas tree decorating contest fundraiser. Proceeds from the contest will be donated to charity. 



Danielle uses her artistic skills to design an awesome peace ornament for SOAHR's Christmas tree!


mk and brittanie 

SOAHR members Mary Kate and Brittanie help make peace ornaments for Viterbo's annual Christmas tree decorating contest.  SOAHR chose to do a "Peace Across the Nations" theme with each peace sign ornament incorporating the flag of a different country.  Donations we receive from the decorating contest will be given to the Family and Children's Center.


  Immigration Bulletin Board(1) 

October/November bulletin board highlighting immigration in the United States


 pat breakfast 



SOAHR members Jocelyn Lutes, Ross Pirsig, Nikki Fanta, Emily Aerts, Juliana Muñoz, Mandy Jo Mlsna, and Ramon Martinez had the opportunity and pleasure of sharing breakfast and great conversation with documentary filmmaker Patrick Mureithi the morning before he presented his Rwandan genocide documentary to the Viterbo community.


pat film  

 Mr. Patrick Mureithi introduces his documentary "ICYIZERE: hope" to the Viterbo community, highlighting the importance of healing and forgiveness.


alexis and pat 

Patrick chats with SOAHR member Alexis Guerrero following his presentation.


 pat pose 

Some of Patrick Mureithi's newest friends and biggest fans, Jocelyn Lutes, Mandy Elliott, Emily Aerts, and Nikki Fanta, greet him at the reception following the presentation of his documentary.


peace hug 

Group hug in honor of International Peace Day:  Embrace the peace!

Darfur BB  

April bulletin board highlighting social injustices currently occuring in Darfur 

 designers human traff  Human Trafficking BB 

Human trafficking bulletin board with designers Alexis Guerrero, Nikki Fanta, Tia Gurtner, and Jocelyn Lutes.


 Poverty Social Injustices Bulletin Board 

Other human rights bulletin boards featured on the 3rd floor of Murphy Center during the spring semester of 2011. 


Peace Vigil 1   

December 2, 2010

A group of 31 students, faculty, and members of the FSPA gathered for a peace vigil to remember those that died or are suffering because of war.

30 years ago, on December 2, Dorothy Kazel, Maura Clark, Ita Ford, and Jean Donovan were brutally murdered by the Salvadoran military for their work and dedication to the poor. On this day we celebrate the lives of all those who dedicate their lives to social justice and peace. 


Info Table SOA 

 November 19, 2010

SOAHR members took turns bringing awareness to the whereabouts of graduates of the former School of America, now WHINSEC. Many graduates are currently being indicted for crimes against humanity, drug related crimes, and others.


SOA table 

 This is a very small sample of some of the SOA graduates that are facing prosecusion, are already serving time, or at large.



FSPA Benediction 

 November 19, 2010

A group of Franciscan Sisters sing the Benediction for 10 Viterbo students going to Georgia for the WHINSEC (former School of the Americas) annual Peace Vigil.


Charles Hardy #3 

 November 12, 2010

Charles Hardy talks to students representing several subject areas. In total Charles Hardy spoke to more than 175 students, faculty, and community members.


Charles Hardy  

 November 11, 2010

Charles Hardy talks to SOAHR members Kelsey, Nikki, and Kasie.


Charles Hardy #2 

 November 11, 2010

Charles Hardy talks to students, faculty, and members of the community.