Mission Statement:    


The Student Organization Advocating Human Rights, in line with Franciscan values, seeks to enlighten and educate the campus and community by raising awareness and advocating for human rights with the goal of fostering unity and respect for the world through social action.


Membership in SOAHR is open to anyone currently enrolled or employed at Viterbo University who values the ideals of human rights, social justice, and peace.


The collection of dues will take place at the beginning of each fall semester.  The cost is $2.

Executive Board: 

The Executive Board for SOAHR will consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, COR Representative, Web Editor, Newsletter Editors, and Faculty Advisor.

Duties of the Executive Board:  


President: Danielle Elland

  • Call meetings
  • Prepare agenda for the meetings
  • Preside over meetings
  • Serve as a representative at campus and community events
  • Set meeting times and places
  • Facilitate committee projects

Vice President: Zarah Augustine 

  • Assist president at all meetings
  • Call meetings if the president is unable to do so

Secretary: Dakota Davis

  • Contact all members about club activities
  • Take minutes at each meeting
  • Submit articles for the Lumen and other publications

 Treasurer:  All Executive members will participate record keeping

  • Keep a record of all finances
  • Prepare reports for meetings
  • Collect dues
  • Keep track of monthly financial updates

Web Editor: Laura Fox

  • Communicate upcoming events with members through Facebook and the webpage
  • Upload photos to Facebook and the webpage


Advisor: Maribel V. Bird mvbird@viterbo.edu  


The student portion of the Executive Board shall be elected in the spring of each year. The terms of these officials shall last until the following spring.


Any due-paying student member of SOAHR will be eligible to run for executive offices. Students can either volunteer or be nominated.


Amendments to the by-laws may be proposed at any meeting of SOAHR by due-paying members. A proposal for an amendment must be presented and then seconded by another due-paying member. The amendment will then be voted upon by the entire club. The approval of the amendment will require a supporting vote of 2/3 of the entire club.