September 16-20

          Please visit the following link to see the events that will occur during Peace Week around the community 

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September 20, 2012

SOAHR participates in a community-wide celebration of Peace Week, held in conjunction with the International Day of Peace, by holding a peace vigil at Riverside Park in La Crosse featuring special musical guest Mario Street. 


June 13, 2012

Danielle Elland, Jocelyn Lutes, and  Nikki Fanta attended the National Association of Franciscan Colleges and Universities Symposium: Learning, Serving, Leading on Viterbo's campus where they shared the purpose, goals, and activities of SOAHR with students and faculty from across the nation.


May 4, 2012

SOAHR members challenge other students to answer human rights trivia questions at Courtyard Carni. 


April 28, 2012

SOAHR members discuss the goals, purpose, and activities of our organization in a presentation entitled, "Students' Role in the Didactic Discourse: Beyond the Classroom" during the La Crosse Latino/a Collaborative Teaching, Research and Service Workshop


April 25, 2012

"Justice for All" panel with local community members from all walks of life who fight for justice, including an immigration lawyer, a musician, a judge, and a social worker. 


April 16-20, 2012

Campus Justice Week


April 2, 2012

SOAHR members raise awareness about the shooting of Trayvon Martin by handing out Skittles with facts about the case in front of the Student Union.  A petition for the prosecution of Trayvon's killer is also available for people to sign, followed by a march around campus demanding justice for Trayvon and his family.  A few students collaborate with UW-L for a small rally at Cameron Park calling for justice, peace, and an end to racism. 


March 28, 2012

Presentation on transgender rights open to the public


March 21, 2012

Showing of the movie "Transamerica" to go along with our bulletin board highlighting gender equality and LGBT rights


March 19, 2012

Kenya native Patrick Mureithi makes a return visit to Viterbo to share his message of hope, peace, and forgiveness by discussing his documentary about the Rwandan genocide and sharing a promo for his new documentary, "Until Hope is Found," which focuses on the social uproar and violence among tribes after elections in Kenya.  Check out this video of SOAHR member Nikki Fanta interviewing Patrick about his presentation!


March 13, 2012

Bulletin Board on Gender Equality


February 22, 2012

Showing of the documentary "Gasland" followed by a film discussion


February 7, 2012

"Fracking" bulletin board highlighting a local issue that is hitting close to home for many students   


February 4, 2012

1st member meeting of spring semester


December 10, 2011

International Day of Human Rights.  SOAHR puts together a bulletin board and informational table on campus surrounding the Declaration of Human Rights. 


November-December, 2011

SOAHR sponsors a toy collection for newborns through adolescents at the Family and Children's Center. 

SOAHR participates in Viterbo's annual tree trimming competition by decorating our tree with a "peace" theme.  Proceeds from the competition go toward toys to donate to the Family and Children's Center. 


November 7, 2011

Sister Marie Des Jerlais, a Franciscan Sister who has spent decades living and working in Latin America, visits Viterbo and gives a presentation on current human rights violations in Latin America.  SOAHR donates funds to help with recovery projects after a bad storm in El Salvador. 


November 2, 2011

SOAHR advisor and members attend an Amnesty International meeting on campus and give a presentation on immigration


October 31, 2011

SOAHR members participate in a "Trick or Treating for Cans" event to collect items for local food pantries 


October 27, 2011

Immigration Bulletin Board


September 20-22, 2011

Documentary filmmaker Patrick Mureithi, a native of Kenya, visits Viterbo and presents his documentary “ICYIZERE: hope" which highlights the healing and forgiveness among the survivors and perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide.  In addition to showing his documentary, Patrick shared dinner and breakfast with SOAHR members, held informal class discussion sessions, and toured the Viterbo campus and the St. Rose Convent.  In his short time here, he made a significant impact on the Viterbo community.  Patrick Mureithi's website:  


September 21, 2011

International Peace Day


September 16, 2011

First member meeting of the semester; 10 members present.  Vacant officer positions filled. 


May 6, 2011

T-shirt sale at Courtyard Carni 


April 15, 2011

SOAHR participates in the National Day of Silence in support of LGBT rights by selling rainbow T-shirts to students and staff


April 5, 2011

Members participate in One Day Without Shoes to call attention to the thousands of children in third-world countries who can't afford shoes


April 1, 2011

Member meeting to elect new officers and form committees for the upcoming year


March 9, 2011

Human Trafficking Bulletin Board


March 4-5, 2011

SOAHR members attend the United Nations Traveling Film Festival at UW-La Crosse to view documentaries involving sustainability, globalization, human rights, and health issues


February 10, 2011

Bulletin Board on Poverty


January 26, 2011

SOAHR puts together toiletry kits to donate to Place of Grace


January 20, 2011

Bulletin Board calling attention to worldwide social injustices for World View Week


December 10, 2010

Informational table on Declaration of Human Rights


December 2, 2010

Peace Vigil in collaboration with Honors, Spanish Club, and Religious Studies and Philosophy


November 19, 2010

Informational Table with information about School of the Americas graduates and other facts


November 16, 2010

SOAHR joins Amnesty International for letter writing and conversation on human rights issues


November 11-12, 2010

SOAHR sponsors Charles Hardy

Charles Hardy is author of Cowboy in Caracas, A North American’s Memoir of Venezuela’s Democratic Revolution  He has resided in Venezuela for twenty-five years and during this time has visited almost every country in Central and South America.  A former Maryknoll associate priest, he lived for eight years on the periphery of Caracas in pressed-cardboard and tin shack in a barrio that lacked running water and sewer systems.   He has written and spoken on Latin American political and social concerns for over forty years.  He maintains a personal blog,


November 8, 2010

Members meeting. Selection of officers and year planning.