Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)

What is SIFE?

SIFE brings together a diverse network of university students, academic professionals and industry leaders around the shared mission of creating a better, more sustainable world through the positive power of business. By contributing their talents to projects that improve the lives of people worldwide, SIFE participants are demonstrating that individuals with a knowledge and passion for business can be a powerful force for change.

Participation in SIFE provides university students with the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in their communities, while gaining the experience, skills and contacts necessary to build a successful career. SIFE students are talented, hard working, value-driven leaders that blend a competitive spirit and desire to succeed with a sense of integrity and desire to give something back. As a member of a SIFE team, you’ll be joining a worldwide network of more than 48,000 other students who are each making their own contribution toward our shared mission of creating a better world. It’s an experience that will change the lives of those in need and quite possibly your own as well.

SIFE Criterion & Requirements

SIFE Competitions

SIFE competitions are challenging, team-oriented events that create a sense of accountability and motivation for teams to continually improve the quality of their projects. They also provide an opportunity for collaboration and best-practice sharing, further strengthening the value of the learning experience and the overall effectiveness of the program.

Every country that operates a SIFE program is eligible to organize a national competition for the teams in their country. Countries with larger programs will often hold a series of regional competitions, with the winners from these events qualifying to participate in the national competition. The National Champion team from each country is then invited to compete at the SIFE World Cup.