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Staff Toolbox


Facility Closing Form


Staff MUST complete when shutting down the Mathy Center for the day.



 Fitness Center

  Pick up equipment and put it where it belongs
   Turn off ceiling fans, lights and TVs
   Turn of Treadmills


   Walk lap on track.
   Pick up lost items and bring to WCR Lost and Found box
   Checked back hallway and bathrooms for patrons and items


   Pick up lost items and place in  Lost and Found box
   Turn off ceiling fans 
   Lock all 3 controller cabinets
   Lock ALL doors including B&G gym door and ensure ALL alarms are working (report any problems to Marci)

Multi-purpose Room

   Lock stereo cabinet 
   Turn off lights 

Conference Room 1

   Pick up garbage
   Turn off projector & lights
   Lock doors 
   Clean up  sink area 

 Conference Room 2

   Pick up garbage
Turn off lights
   Lock doors

South Doors

   Check south exit doors 
   Lock VAC doors 
   Check door leading to south hallway 

Locker Rooms

   Check for personal locks and report findings
   Clear locker rooms of people and lost items 

Welcome Center

   Lock front doors / close and lock 1st and 2nd floor stairwell doors
   Shut down WCR computer 
   Turn off WCR Monitor
   Place keys in drawer and lock all drawers and cabinets 
   Check First Aid kits & Inventory Equipment
   Turn off and lock cash register 

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