Off-Campus Housing

Viterbo University's Residence Life Office and Student Affairs division created this page to provided Viterbo students with the necessary information, resources and tools to determine the best possible place to live during the many stages of their Viterbo career.  Our goal is to make sure students have all the information they need to make educated housing decisions as well as the support and resources they need to be successful wherever they choose to live. 

The information provided on this page and in the Housing Comparison Guide (linked below)  is intended to assist students in comparing the costs, amenities, and experiences associated with living on- and off-campus. Please feel free to contact a member of the Residence Life staff if you have questions or would like to talk through your options.


Cost Comparison: Off-campus vs. On-campus Living

*Important Note: Merit scholarships are reduced by $1,000–$2,000 and additional need-based financial aid could be reduced if a student moves off-campus. To determine the impact of living off-campus on your specific financial aid award, please contact the financial aid office after you have received your financial aid offer.
** While the tables below may be useful in isolation, we strongly encourage student to review the more thorough Housing Comparison Guide (linked above, which also contains these tables) to make as informed a decision as possible.

On-Campus Housing Costs


(9 Month Contract)

Meal Plan
(9 Month Contract)


(internet and cable)
Room and Board portion of merit award Total Academic
Year Cost
Residence Halls



(7 Day all access)

Parking not
available to
first-year students


Included up to $2000 per year


McDonald, Rose,
Treacy, Canticle



(15 meals) 

(on-campus lot)

Included Included up to $2000 per year


Clare Apartments

$598.89 - $822.22

(160 block)
(Clare garage)
Included Included up to $2000 per year



Average Off-Campus Rental Costs*

(Average 12 month/Tenant)

(per Tenant)
Parking and Fuel Utilities
(per Tenant)
(per Tenant)
Average WI Renter's Insurance Total Yearly Cost


Groceries, eating out, etc. - $245/month

Commuter meal plan - $133/month

$378 total/month

Commuter pass - $3.00/month

Gas - $30 - $50.00/month





$10,476/year  to $10,716/year 



Groceries, eating out, etc. $245.00/month

Commuter meal plan - $133.00/month

$378.00 total/month

Commuter pass - $3.00/month

Gas - $30 - $50.00/month







*We recognize that the above comparison is based on average costs in average off-campus housing facilities near Viterbo.  We encourage students to research other options, if they like.  Undergraduate students can also enter costs into this Net Price Calculator to determine the difference in living on-campus vs. off-campus.