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Student Wellness Wheel Challenge

What are the seven dimensions of wellness?

Although many think of wellness as just physical health, when in reality there are many components of overall wellness. There are seven different dimensions of wellness – intellectual, emotional, interpersonal, environmental, financial /occupational, spiritual, and physical wellness. The Wellness Wheel Challenge will incorporate all aspects of wellness and challenge employees to improve upon on these dimensions.

What is the Wellness Wheel Challenge?

Upon signing up, each participant will receive a wellness wheel and directions on how to complete it. Participants will see what areas of wellness need the most improvement in their lives and be able to work on them throughout the week.
Each week during the challenge will focus on two dimensions of wellness, aside from the last week focusing on just the physical dimension. There will be different activities to complete each week with specified point values. Complete as many activities to earn the most points and earn weekly prizes, as well as be entered into the grand prize raffle drawing! The weekly focus breakdown is as follows:

Week 1 (October 23-28): Environmental

Week 2 (October 30-November 4): Social

Week 3 (November 6-11): Emotional & Spiritual

Week 4 (November 13-18): Intellectual/Financial

Week 5 (November 27-December 2): Physical (Fitness Focus)

Week 6 (December 4-9): Physical (Nutrition Focus)


Weekly prizes will be distributed to the participant earning the most points. Every participant who enters the challenge will be entered into the grand prize raffle drawing which will be conducted at the end of the challenge.
Grand Prize: $30 Amazon Gift Card
Weekly Prizes:

  • Week 1: Hammock
  • Week 2: $15 Moka Gift Card
  • Week 3: Relaxation Basket (Bath Bomb, Candles, Lotion)
  • Week 4: $20 Gift Card to Barnes & Noble
  • Week 5: Blender Bottle, Resistance Bands, Rec Sports T-Shirt
  • Week 6: To-Go Salad Cup, $15 Co-Op Gift Card


  • Participants must sign up at the Mathy Center front desk
  • Registration is FREE and open throughout the duration of the challenge!