Recreational Sports

National Rec Sports and Fitness Day

February 22nd is NIRSA's National Recreational Sports and Fitness Day. NIRSA sees that participation in intramural, club, and recreational sports is important for various reasons including developing a healthy lifestyle, improving overall wellness as well as self-esteem. This day, February 22nd, is a day for participation in numerous types of physical activity. Activities range from easy to rigorous and include things like walking, running, rollerblading, spring biathlons, fitness class, swimming, rock wall climbing, cycling, massages, wellness tables, and many, many more! So make sure to partake in some type of physical activity on February 22nd, and learn how to incorporate these activities into your daily routine. In doing this you will feel more energized, awake, and healthy!

February 21, 2016 Activities

Time Activity Location
1:00p.m. – 6:00p.m. Ski & Snowboard Trip to Mt. La Crosse (Bus leaves @ 1:00pm) Mt. La Crosse


Register and pay by Wednesday, February 17

Lift Ticket-$12           Lift Ticket & Ski Rental-$24       Lift Ticket & Snowboard Rental-$34

Cash or check accepted at the Mathy Center. Please write out checks to Viterbo Rec Sports.

February 22, 2016 Activities

Free Cybex t-shirts with fitness center check in (while supplies last)

Post-workout packs available to patrons (while supplies last)

National Intramural Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) History

NIRSA, National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association, is a leading source of education, research and development for collegiate recreational sports. NIRSA serves an estimated 5.5 million students in various areas on campus such as student leadership, personal wellness, intramural sports, sport clubs, outdoor recreation and aquatic recreation. NIRSA's mission is to provide education and development to students and professionals and is committed to upholding this by creating outstanding programs, facilities, and services.

NIRSA is supported by the NIRSA Foundation, which was founded in 1992. This organization is not-for-profit and supports NIRSA in numerous ways. A few examples include providing scholarship to help students and professionals attend NIRSA conferences and sponsoring special events at these conferences such as a golf outing and various auctions. The NIRSA Foundation also puts out the biannual Recreational Sports Journal.

NIRSA was founded in 1950 by Dr. William N. Wasson. NIRSA was formally known as the NIA, National Intramural Association. This association was made up of 22 African-American men and women representatives from 11 Historically Black colleges, and grew from then on. NIRSA, as it is known as today, has approximately 4,000 members that are represented on over 700 campuses, U.S. Military facilities, park and recreation departments, and more!

A staggering number of students are associated with departments operated by NIRSA members. 1.1 million students use facilities run by NIRSA members. In these facilities, 1.1 million intramural contests are held each year. In addition, 2 million individual are participating in club sports. Not only are these large numbers now, but they are sure to increase in the next few years. $1.5 billion has recently been approved to be spent to build or renovate recreational facilities. These additions and renovations are sure to benefit all of those who use these facilities by giving them the opportunity to create a healthier lifestyle all around.