Journey to Health

Student Wellness Challenge

A 4-week journey to personal well-being

February 4 – March 1

Stop 1: Watertown, Wisconsin

  • Hydration Challenge!
    • Download the free Plant Nanny App
    • Track your water daily water intake
    • Submit a screenshot of your daily water intake
  • One winner will be chosen:
    • Prize: Water-tracking water bottle and $20 Walmart Gift Card

Stop 2: Aerobiquerque, New Mexico

  • Set 3 movement related goals this week from the list provided
  • Side Trip (Earn +5 points): Attend our special yoga class at 6pm Zumba at 7pm on Sunday 2/17
  • One winner will be chosen:
    • Prize: Recreation Tumbler and $20 Amazon Gift Card

Stop 3: Rest Palm Beach, Florida

  • Track Sleep via sheet provided (1 point/day)
  • Side Trips/Excursions (Earn +5 points)
    • Set one sleep hygiene related goal from the list provided to make a change throughout the week
  • One winner will be chosen:
    • Prize: Essential Oils Diffuser & Lavender Oil

Stop 4: Newbalancewick, Canada

  • Rate stress level using scale provided (1 point/day)
  • Side Trips/Excursions (Earn +5 points):
    • Attend Self-Care Week events
  • One winner will be chosen:
    • Prize: Spa Kit