Fitness Practical Experience Employment

The Recreation department offers a Practical Experience in Fitness. The student is responsible for aspects of the fitness program. The individual is to provide a safe, motivating environment to the programs. The student should organize his/her own workouts within his/her realm of knowledge, utilizing proper technique, appropriate exercises, and the correct equipment for the personal training program. Practical experience students are also responsible for upholding the rules of the Amie L. Mathy Center and Viterbo University's Recreation department.  

  • Conduct fitness assessments, body composition testing, and training sessions as scheduled.
  • Maintain client files, paperwork, and make sure information is updated as well as accurate on the software (BSDI).
  • Maintain records of clients and the number of training sessions.
    • These numbers are to be reported to the Fitness/Wellness Intern
  • Survey program participants at the completion of their program.
  • May oversee aspects of the six week fitness/wellness challenges or other fitness programs as well as serve as a resource for the Healthy Hawks program.
  • Check your email regularly for communication, announcements and other important information.
  • Schedule and attend regular meeting with the Director and/or Fitness/Wellness Intern.
  • Meetings will be short and provide student trainer the opportunity to ask questions and provide updates as well as touch base with their direct supervisor    
Training Sessions & Client Meetings
  • Educate participants of proper form, technique, and other health or wellness information.
  • Notify the Fitness/Wellness Intern, Assistant Director or Director of any problems that arise (lost or broken equipment, customer concerns, etc.)
  • Or recommend facility/program upgrades based on user feedback and personal observances.
  • Take responsibility to correct customer problems and concerns.
  • Uphold scheduled appointments to the best of their ability.
  • Arrive 10 - 15 minutes before each session. If two sessions are booked back to back, then arrive to your next session on time.
  • If a client is late and there is another session booked immediately following, the trainer may spend time with the first client, but should not be late for the following appointment.
  • If you are unable to make an appointment, you are responsible for contacting your client to reschedule as well as notify the Director of your absence. If you are scheduled to be at the Mathy Center please also contact the Welcome Center to notify individuals looking for a trainer, that one will not be available.
  • In case of emergencies contact the Fitness/Wellness Intern immediately. If you are unable to get a hold of the Fitness/Wellness Intern, please contact the Welcome Center and the Director or Assistant Director.
  • Make sure all equipment is stored properly when finished.
  • Update and maintain the fitness bulletin boards as scheduled.
  • Provide articles and information for the monthly newsletter as scheduled.

Interested individuals should send resume to