A Newsletter for the Viterbo University Community
Vol. 15, No. 4  Septemer 17, 2001

Remembering Last Week’s Tragedies...
Viterbo University students gathered around the television in the Student Union throughout the day last Tuesday as news of the tragedies in New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania unfolded. Members of the campus community responded by donating blood through the Red Cross and gathering to pray and mourn the nation’s losses during noon Mass and a 9 p.m. prayer vigil in San Damiano Chapel.

Schafer Heads to NY
Viterbo’s Ron Schafer is experiencing the aftermath of last week’s terrorist activities first-hand. At publication deadline,  the psychology professor was scheduled to fly to New York as a volunteer for the Red Cross to offer counseling services this week to rescue workers involved in the World Trade Center tragedies. Schafer provided similar services to rescue crews during the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

What Can You Do?
Though very few from our area can donate their time and physical presence to the rescue and clean-up efforts in New York, there are still things we can do:
• Give Blood on Oct. 11: Because of the record numbers of individuals donating blood, the Red Cross is encouraging Viterbo University employees and students to hold off on giving blood until the campus blood drive on Thursday, Oct. 11 from 1?6 p.m. in San Damiano Chapel. Blood donated at that time will still be useful in the aftermath of the tragedies.
• Pray: Noon Mass is held each weekday in San Damiano Chapel. Taize prayer will be held this Wednesday at 10 p.m.
• Donate to “A Light of Hope”: Funds are needed to support the survivors and their families and the rescue and clean up efforts. The Viterbo University student body is responding and asking your help. Next week, students will be selling paper “candles” called, Lights of Hope, in prayer for and remembrance of the victims, survivors, and rescuers involved in last week’s tragic events. Persons donating $1 will write their name on a paper “candle” which will be posted on campus or can be posted on office or dorm doors to show support. Persons wishing to make more substantial donations are invited to do so. Donations will go to the New York efforts through the Red Cross. “Candles” will be sold this week on the following schedule in the Student Union and MC reception area:
• Mon.-Tues.10 a.m.?noon, 1?3 p.m.
• Weds. and Fri. 10 a.m.?noon
• Thurs. 1?3 p.m.

Questions? Call Adrienne Appler at ext. 3840 or email acappler.

Here’s Good News
The academic year begins with a good news reports from the Office of Institutional Advancement.
• Thanks to all who contributed to the success of the annual Alumni Chickenque. Over $2,000 in profit was put into the Sister Celestine Cepress Endowed Scholarship.
• The SOS from those out to Save Our Steinway pianos was heard loud and clear. Over $12,000 was raised at the dinner and that amount, coupled with what was raised last year, is enough to restore the 9-foot grand which will be used in the main theatre. The highly successful S.O.S. project has already restored one Steinway to near its original magnificent condition.

Barry Fried Named Region 7 NAIA A.D. of Year
Viterbo University’s Barry Fried has been named Athletics Director of the Year in ballots cast by his colleagues representing Region 7 of the NAIA.

There are 335 member institutions in the NAIA.  The schools are grouped into 14 regions.  Region 7 consists of 25 colleges and universities from four states including Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin. The award will be formally presented in a ceremony held in St. Louis today.

Fried, 31, in his third year as athletics director for Viterbo, also served for four years as assistant basketball coach for the V-Hawks under Mike Murphy and Todd Eisner. He earned his undergraduate degree and participated in basketball and track at UW-Eau Claire. Later, he was awarded a master’s degree in sports administration from UW-La Crosse.
“This is a tremendous honor,” said Fried.  “In honoring me, the NAIA is really giving a salute to our entire athletics program.  Viterbo is a great place to work and we are fortunate to have so many committed coaches.”

While Viterbo has fielded many competitive teams with Fried at the helm, he indicates there are many other criteria, aside from winning games, which need to be factored into the equation: “Are the grade point averages of the student-athletes consistently high?  Are the athletics teams able to raise money for their programs?  Are student-athletes and coaches involved in the community?  These questions all have a direct bearing on the success of programs, students, coaches, and the athletics director,” said Fried.

Viterbo currently offers seven programs at the NAIA Division II level: men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s basketball, softball, baseball, and volleyball.

Want to Fest?
Oktoberfest is fast approaching. Do you have your button yet? Amy Gleason, registrar, MC 212, has Oktoberfest buttons for sale until Thursday, Sept. 27. Buttons are $3.50 each. Check out this year’s Oktoberfest events at

Get Prizes for Getting Fit
Double your fitness benefits and earn rewards for walking, biking, jogging, aerobics, working out, and more. Now, you can join Gundersen Lutheran’s Shoe Crew activity program through Viterbo. Registration is $20 annually. Prizes are awarded per mile or minutes spent exercising throughout the year. Miles accumulate year-to-year with the potential for you to earn everything from a pin, water bottle, shoe laces, or a lunch sack to a sweatshirt, jacket, gift certificate, or cash bonus. Contact Marsha Momoi Piehl in human resources for information at ext. 3930 or email mmmomoipiehl.

human resources
Viterbo University extends a warm welcome to the following new hires:
• Donald Bosworth, third shift custodian, who begins work today. He recently moved to La Crosse from Johnstown, Penn.
• Karen M. Durnin, part-time administrative assistant, communications and marketing
• Melinda G. Orebaugh, part-time acquisitions coordinator, library

New Employees: Come to Tea at Three in SDC
By Jason Ramaker, Residence Life

The Student Development Center (SDC) staff would like to extend a warm welcome to all new faculty, staff, and administrative members of the Viterbo community and invite them to our annual “Tea at Three in the SDC” on Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 3 p.m. in the SDC next to San Damiano Chapel. Tea, beverages, and an afternoon snack will be provided. Take a break and meet the staff. We hope to see you all there!

St. Rose Art Exhibit in FAC Atrium
By Cristeen Custer, FSPA Communications

Although she died 750 years ago, St. Rose of Viterbo’s influence is still felt around the world. Here in La Crosse, her life and memory serve as inspiration for the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration who, together with Viterbo University, will celebrate the anniversary of her death with an art exhibit and continuing lecture series.

The art exhibit, currently on display in the FAC Atrium, runs through Nov. 29. It features a variety of classic and new depictions of the Catholic saint, including Byzantine iconography, wood carving, watercolor, and photographic reproductions of numerous other works.

“St. Rose Convent and Viterbo University have an unusual number of images of St. Rose, probably more than in any other place in the United States,” said Marlene Weisenbeck, FSPA, who is coordinating the exhibit. “We have tried to develop our own understanding and appreciation of our patron saint, and we hope, through this exhibit, that others will be able to touch the inner spirit of St. Rose of Viterbo as well.”

The anniversary celebration also includes a St. Rose Lecture Series. All lectures are free and open to the public. The next, entitled “From the Heart of the Church: Viterbo University: Catholic, Franciscan,” is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 23, in San Damiano Chapel.

St. Rose was born in Viterbo, Italy, a city 50 miles north of Rome. Experts believe she lived from 1233 to 1251. Although she was only a young woman when she died, her life was rich in apostolic activity and she was known as a preacher, reconciler, and apostle of prayer. Pope Innocent IV began the process leading to her canonization just one year after her death. Though it never formally closed, Rose was proclaimed a saint by acclamation and devotion until her official sainthood was verified in 1983. For people around the world, and in La Crosse, she continues to serve as an example of simplicity, poverty, and service to the marginalized in society.

Pledge the RA Staff for the AIDS Walk
By Rob Anderson, Residence Life

On Saturday, Sept. 29, Rob Anderson, residence life, and members of the Marian Hall resident assistant (RA) staff will be participating in the AIDS Walk Wisconsin in Madison. This 10K walk helps raise money to benefit 15 organizations that provide HIV and AIDS care, advocacy, research, and prevention services throughout Wisconsin. As walkers, Anderson and his staff members are responsible for finding sponsors to help make a difference by pledging a gift for AIDS Walk Wisconsin. If you are interested in making a pledge in any amount and sponsoring these walkers from Viterbo University, please send a check or money order made payable to AIDS Walk Wisconsin to Rob Anderson, or call ext. 3842 for more information. Your generosity and support of this cause is greatly appreciated.

news you'll notice
By Jean Moore, FSPA, Student Development Center

Welcome back, everyone!
It is good to see the campus alive and into the business of academia once again. In the wake of the recent tragic events, I am reminded what a gift it is to work on this campus where, as a community, we can support each other, where we can freely show our care and concern for each other, and where we strive to live a life of peace and justice. As such, we are called to look beyond the immediate reaction of retaliation and revenge, and to ask simply, “What would Jesus do?”  Let us reflect on our own personal responses and those of our nation; and let us continue to work for justice and peace wherever we are.

I’d like to note those who have extended, or will extend, themselves for the good of the community. Kudos to...
• the O’ leaders who helped new students make the transition into college!
• Connect students who distributed “Good Neighbor” door hangers throughout the city.
• RA involvement in the Madison AIDS walk and in the  “Community Candle” project for needy families.
• those who participated in the local Blood Drive.
• the 20 faculty and staff members participating in the Intramural Volleyball teams!

Student Development initiatives to watch for are:
• “Tea at 3 in the SDC” for community groups on campus.
• a potential student-run “coffee house.”
• “Good Neighbor” campaign by the SDC staff.
• SEAL awards, including the “Student of the Month” award the new “Good Neighbor” award.

The list goes on, but print space does not. Best wishes to all in your endeavors this semester.

Resource Guide Available
By Marilyn Pedretti, Campus Ministry

Campus ministry now has a “Volunteer Resource Guide” available. This guide lists the various area agencies seeking volunteers, their purpose, volunteer positions available, and special events or training. This will be made available to any faculty, staff, or administration member who would like to assist their students in finding a place to do volunteer service. To request a guide, call Marilyn Pedretti at ext 3829 or email mjpedretti. Plus, don’t forget to stop by the volunteer fair this Tuesday, Sept. 18, from 11 a.m.?2 p.m. in the FAC Lobby.

Let’s Talk About China
What are you dong for lunch this Thursday? Why not bring a sack lunch and join in the Seventh Day Lunch Discussion? English Professor Lyon Evans, who spent part of spring semester 1999 and summer 2000 in China, will share his thoughts on “The Coming Collapse of China?” from noon?12:50 p.m. in MC 419 C.

Upcoming lunch discussions include Friday, Sept. 28: “Teaching Overloads: Are We Helping or Hurting the University?” with Mary Hassinger, dean, School of Letters and Sciences; and Tuesday, Oct. 9: “Cloning... Cloning...Cloning,” with Rick Kyte, ethics.

campus ministry
By Fr. Tom O’Neill

Volunteer Fair is this week, Tuesday, Sept. 18 from 11 a.m.?2 p.m. in the FAC Lobby. Agencies from around the Coulee Region will again be on hand to provide information and encourage students, faculty, and staff to assist them as volunteers. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Ministry Opportunities:  There is still time to sign-up to serve in various capacities with campus ministry (eg. Franciscan friend, lector, choir member, etc.). Forms for signing-up are available from campus ministers or in San Damiano Chapel.

RCIA: The Rite of Christian Initiation is a preparation program for those who wish to join the Catholic Church either through baptism or for those already baptized, through the profession of faith. Interested persons should contact Fr. Tom O’Neill (ext. 3804). The program will begin at the end of the month.

Confirmation: Any Catholic who has not received the Sacrament of Confirmation and wishes to do so may join a preparation group which is now being formed. Please contact Fr. Tom O’Neill in campus ministry.

Requiescat in Pace: We pray for the repose of the souls of those who have recently died:  the stepfather of Reagan Riddle; the cousin of Scott Parrish; and the grandfather of Kevin Dahm. May they rest in peace.

The Wait is Nearly Over!
Expect to see your campus telephone books in the mail this week. Many thanks to Loretta Waughtal, communications and marketing; Marcia Brodt, reception; Shamala Rajagopal, ITT; Karen Hurtgen, copy center; Wayne Wojciechowski, assistant academic vice president, and many others who helped publish this three months ahead of past delivery dates from the publishing company formerly used.

kudos to...
• Alexis Ludewig ’96, a graduate of Viterbo’s Master of Arts in Education Program. She has been named Wisconsin’s Elementary School Teacher of the Year. Ludewig is a third-grade teacher at St. Germain Elementary School in the Northland Pines School District.

Jeans Day—Support the Food Pantry
Don’t forget to wear jeans this Friday to support the Viterbo food pantry. How? Wear jeans and pay $1 to Marcia Brodt at the MC Reception Desk.

Introductory Blackboard Training
By Jeff Nyseth, ITT

Introductory Blackboard training will be held in September and October on Mondays, 1?3 p.m., or Thursdays, 3?5 p.m. in MC 312.

Training will be conducted in three sessions of two hours each and is for instructors who have not taken Blackboard training previously, or for those who need to be updated to the newest version. Please note that Session A is a repeat of Session 1, Session B is a repeat of Session 2, etc. You need not take all Monday or all Thursday classes. You can mix and match to fit your schedule.

The schedule is:
• Session 1 Sept. 17
• Session 2 Sept. 24
• Session 3 Oct. 1
• Session A Sept. 20
• Session B Sept. 27
• Session C Oct. 4

Class sizes are limited so all classes require you to pre-register. To register, call Jeff Nyseth at ext. 3285 or email at jcnyseth.

focus on...
By Karen DuCharme ’03

Name: Kyle Backstrand
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Chemistry
Family: Kyle is married to Jenny; they have three dogs.
Education: Kyle earned his B.S. in chemistry from North Dakota State University in Fargo and his Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.
Hobbies/Interests/Enthusiasms: Kyle enjoys all kinds of sports; he also enjoys reading about and discussing environmental topics.
Adventures and travels: Kyle plans to travel to Belize at the end of May with the chemistry 470 class to participate in environmental chemistry projects, that is, if enough students sign up for the course.
Future Hopes and Plans: He hopes to teach at Viterbo for the rest of his life, and educate as many students as possible.  Kyle wants to teach them how chemistry affects everything that they do.
Little Known Fact: Kyle enjoys geography, especially studying maps.

School Kids to Get Creative on Campus
The art education department at Viterbo University is once again offering its popular Afterschool Art Workshop. Held Tuesdays Oct. 9 through Dec. 4 for children ages five to 12 (except Tuesday, Nov. 20), all classes are taught at the FAC by Viterbo art education students under the supervision of Lisa Schoenfielder, associate professor and chair of the art department.

Students registering for this workshop may choose one of the following classes:
• Wildlife Adventures—using clay, paint, and a variety of media, students will produce artist’s books, mural paintings, prints, sculptures, and dioramas featuring real and imaginary animals, environments, and habitats.
• Costumes, Masks, and Puppets—with fictive and cultural stories as a guide, students will create costumes, masks, and puppets with a variety of materials.
• Galactic Exploration—with space exploration and science fiction as themes, students will create murals and build such things as spaceships and planetary dioramas using paint and a variety of sculptural materials.
• Vehicles—with technology and machines as ways to travel through time, over terrain, and underwater, students will use a variety of two and three dimensional media to create drawings, paintings, and sculpture as they explore the theme of vehicles.

Enrollment in the Afterschool Art Workshop is limited. Classes will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis and registration must be completed before classes begin. A fee of $35 per student, payable at registration, will be charged to cover the cost of materials.

To register, please contact Judy Stafslien, Viterbo Preparatory School of Arts, at ext. 3767.

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