A Newsletter for the Viterbo University Community
Vol. 15, No. 1  August 27, 2001

Program Trains Teachers in Tech Education
Viterbo has made the news with word of a new collaboration with WWTC to train students to be teachers in the area of technology education. Only UW-Stout and UW-Platteville offer programs of this kind in Wisconsin and neither provide the kind of collaboration outlined at the recent joint press conference.

Students will receive hands-on training in a variety of different areas at WWTC and, at Viterbo, all teacher preparation, student teaching, and liberal arts courses will be provided. Students in the program will be enrolled as Viterbo students and, as with most other majors offered at the university, the program will take four years to complete for those pursuing full-time studies.

In summing up the merits of the program, Viterbo President William J. Medland said, “The Technology Education Program is a wonderful opportunity to build on the strength of our two institutions and we could not offer a program of this quality without each other.”

Recruitment for technical education will begin immediately and the first students will be officially enrolled in fall 2002. Specific directions regarding the program can be directed to Sue Batell, education, at ext. 3382 or email ssbatell.

New Master’s Program Focuses on Servant Leadership
Viterbo University is seeking accreditation for a new graduate program that will lead to a Master of Arts in Servant Leadership. The first 3-credit course, “Spiritual Development across the Life Span,” is being offered this fall.

Classes will be held one weekend approximately every month beginning Sept. 21. A special scholarship fund has been created for eligible applicants. Portfolio and transfer credit will also be available for adults who bring their experience and previous training to the classroom.

According to Tom Thibodeau, religious studies, the new 32-credit graduate program will be one of the first of its kind in the nation. Nationally known teacher and author Carl Koch, will be at Viterbo to teach “Spiritual Development across the Life Span” and several other courses in the master’s degree sequence. He will also serve as director of the program. Koch was a senior editor at St. Mary’s Press (Winona) for 15 years and is currently on staff at the Franciscan Spirituality Center.

Individuals interested in enrolling in Koch’s course or seeking more details about the proposed new master’s degree can contact Peg Beirne at ext. 3080 or email mjbeirne.

Dietetics Accredited
By Lori Lewis, Dietetics

Both the coordinated undergraduate program in dietetics and the dietetic internship received full accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Dietetic Education of the American Dietetic Association. Both were early decisions by the commission as dietetic faculty expected to receive word in November and instead were notified in early August.

In the site visit report, the evaluators listed Viterbo’s strengths in the quality of faculty, the support of administration, and the breadth of experiences offered to students. This full accreditation is the first for the dietetic internship. The dietetic internship accepts students from throughout the country who have met didactic requirements, but still need supervised practice to become eligible to take the registration exam.  Both of these programs were accredited for 10 years.

Tee Off with Sr. Jean
Whether you’re a golf pro or someone who has never golfed, the 10th Annual Sister Doctor (ex-) Dean Jean Golf Tournament is something you won’t want to miss.

Held Friday, Sept. 7 at the Valley High Country Club in Hokah, Minn., the tournament features team prizes that include low and high men’s, women’s, and mixed teams as well as for creative team names. Individual prizes include longest drive (men and women), closest to pin, longest putt, and the “Payne Stuart Memorial.”

The nine-hole tournament starts at 4 p.m. but all players must be on the course by 3:45 p.m. An optional sit-down dinner follows. The cost is $23 for golf and dinner, $11 for golf only, and $13 for dinner only. The registration deadline is Thursday. For more information, contact Jean Moore, FSPA, at ext. 3801 or jmmoore.

Nominate an Outstanding Woman
Several area women and one corporation/business will be honored at this year’s YWCA Tribute to Outstanding Women on Thursday, Nov. 15. To nominate a corporate sponsor or one of Viterbo’s Outstanding Women in the areas of Arts & Sciences, Business/Professions, Special Interests, Education; Other (support or production staff); or Young Woman of Tomorrow (current college student), complete a nomination form by Friday, Aug. 31.  To obtain an “Outstanding Achievement Award” or “Corporate Award” forms, contact Beth Erickson in Communications and Marketing at ext. 3042 or email her at bmerickson.

Make Parking a Breeze
Park with fewer hassles when you purchase a Viterbo University employee parking permit. The cost is $20 for the 2001-02 academic year. Passes can be purchased from the MC reception desk Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Watch Where You Park
Tempted to park in Franciscan Skemp’s parking lots when you’re late for class or work? If so, you may be in for a fine or a tow.  Franciscan Skemp Healthcare has begun parking renovations to make room for a new employee parking ramp. Due to the parking crunch created in the wake, unauthorized vehicles will be subject to a $20 ticket issued by the city and a tow, which costs about $85. Enforcement of the policy is immediate and will be ongoing.

Summer Health Careers Camp
By Rose Kreutz, Nursing

If you saw groups of high school students on campus in mid-July, it may have been members of a Health Careers Camp. This event was sponsored by AHEC (Area Health Care Consortium) and planned by individuals from WWTC, UW-L and Viterbo University.

Twenty high school students spent the week in La Crosse investigating health-related careers. At Viterbo, they learned about the importance of confidentiality, infection control (good handwashing), and practicing the skills of measuring pulse, respiration, temperature, blood pressure, and body fat. Videos on nursing and dietetics were presented and a stir fry meal was prepared and eaten by the high school students and volunteer students from nursing and dietetics. Shadowing experiences in health care facilities were also part of the program. Lori Lewis, dietetics, and Rose Kreutz, nursing, represented Viterbo.

Here’s one of the special stir fry sauce recipes used:
Hal's Special Sauce
• 1 cup orange juice
• 1/2 cup Tamari Sauce
• 2 Tbsp grated fresh ginger (1 Tbsp dried)
• 2-4 Tbsp honey
• 4 tsp. sesame oil
• 1/4 cup cornstarch
Directions: Combine the first 6 ingredients. Place the cornstarch in a bowl, whisk the liquid mixture into it. Set aside, but keep the whisk handy as you will need to whisk the sauce again just before you pour it into the stir fry.

Ride the Bus to Work
Conserve fuel and save money by riding the MTU to work. Bus passes are $8 per month and may be purchased directly from the cashiers’ office on the first floor of Franciscan Skemp Medical Center. Tickets for the coming month must be purchased a few days before the end of the month preceding. For more information, contact Kevin Buelow, MTU Works coordinator at Franciscan Skemp Public Affairs, 791-9717.

Put a Name with a Face
With freshmen enrollment expected to break the record of 444 set in 1994, there will be many new faces on campus. Find out who they are by ordering the 2001-02 Freshman Facebook today.

A new addition to the Viterbo campus, the Facebook, sponsored by Sigma Pi Delta, helps staff, faculty, students, and parents get acquainted with incoming freshmen and Viterbo administration as well as campus clubs and organizations. Freshmen are listed with their ID photo, name, hometown, and major.

Books are just $10 each and may be ordered through the Alumni Office. The ordering deadline is Friday.

Beginning the Year With a Strong Foundation
At the end of June, the auditors closed the books for a final accounting. Although the primary focus was financial, other key indicators were also evaluated at the close of the fiscal year. Here’s what was discovered:
• Viterbo awarded a record number of degrees—750. For the first time in its history, the university awarded more graduate than undergraduate degrees.
The Senior Class Gift also reached record levels. Over $33,000 was pledged with donations going to construction of the new Center for Ethics, Science, and Technology. Last year, $18,316 was raised.
• The university experienced a remarkable increase in donations. The year closed with $4,193,340 in recorded gifts—a new record representing a 26 percent increase over last year! Congratulations Institutional Advancement!
• Endowment stands at $10,607,139. The fact that the figure is nearly $1 million higher than last year is remarkable considering the turmoil experienced in the financial markets.

The budget for the just concluded fiscal year was nearly $27 million compared with $7.7 million in 1990. The
increases allow Viterbo to fund more programs and contribute more extensively to the economic vitality of the La Crosse area.

Each and every member of the Viterbo community contributes to our overall success and collectively the results are indeed impressive.

What’s Our Style?
Is it e-mail or email? Is it alumni, alumnus, alumna, or alumnae? Should department names be capitalized? How can I access or size a Viterbo logo? How can I order a brochure?

Not sure of the answers? Consult the new Viterbo University Style Guide, which will be distributed in mailboxes this week. The Style Guide is a non-academic guide that was developed and designed by communications and marketing as a tool to help staff, faculty, and administration strive for consistency among the printed materials that promote the university. That kind of consistency equals the quality and excellence for which Viterbo stands.

The guide, which is a combination of Viterbo’s own unique style and the guidelines put forth by the Associated Press and the new American Heritage Dictionary, addresses:
• the style guidelines that help our internal and external publications remain consistent
• the policies and guidelines associated with Viterbo’s visual identity-which define appropriate use of the logo and seal on all published matter
• how communications and marketing and its staff can assist you with all of your external and some of your internal publication and promotional needs

Watch future Connections for helpful excerpts and tips from the Style Guide.

‘97 Grad & Opera Student Returns to Viterbo Stage
Peter Fleming, a 1997 graduate of Viterbo University who is currently finishing his master’s degree in voice performance at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles, is returning to the FAC Recital Hall stage this Saturday at 2 p.m.

Fleming, a tenor, will present a voice recital with selections from Mozart, Verdi, Handel, Schubert, Bizet, and Faure. He will be accompanied on piano by Viterbo assistant professor of music Nancy Allen and will sing a duet with Viterbo music professor Dan Johnson-Wilmot.

Fleming has been studying with the USC dean of music Gary Glaze and noted voice teacher Trish McCaffrey. After spending the summer in Chiari, Italy, where he performed in La Traviata and Don Giovanni at the International Institute of Voice Arts, Fleming will return to Los Angeles to perform in the Los Angeles Opera’s Lohengrin and in Orange County Opera’s The Apothecary. The performance is free and open to the public.

Happy Birthday!!
1     Marilyn Richmond
3     Barb Fularczyk
4     Patricia Wessels
6     Carol Strigun
7     Delayne Vogel
14   Anne Ellefson
14   Pam Maykut
15   Ruth Davis
16   Lisa Newkirk-Reimler
17   Busya Lugovier
19   Todd Ericson
19   Rod Reiner
21   Arita Dopkins, FSPA
21   Mike Smuksta
22   Georgia Christensen, FSPA
23   Diane Crane
24   Marlon Stout
25   Keith Knutson
25   Shamala Rajagopal
28   Steve Wenger
29   Janet McLean
30   Rochelle Cadogan

kudos to...
• Lyon Evans, English, whose essay “‘Too Good to be True’: Subverting Christian Hope in Melville’s Billy Budd,” originally published in The New England Quarterly, has been selected for inclusion in a hardcover book, Short Story Criticism, Vol. 46, edited by Jenny Cromie. The book will be published by Gale Press this fall.
• Barry Fried, athletics, who got married this summer. Fried married Laurie Buckler on July 28.
• The students named 2001-02 resident assistants (RAs): Senior RA Rebecca Morphew; Marian Hall South RAs
Mark Conroy, Julie O’Rourke, Jennifer Hebda; Marian Hall North RAs James Hanson, Timothy Boehnen, Amy Prill, Tessa Smasal, Janeen Lo Piccolo, Erin Verhangen; Rose Terrace RAs Jennifer Jahsman and Takawira Kuvaoga; McDonald Terrace RAs Jaci Carlson and Nick Johnson; and Treacy House RAs Amanda Wagner and Christine Ahles.
• Jane Eddy, Learning Center, who successfully wrote a Trio grant which resulted in a $900,000 four-year grant for Viterbo University.

Thanks, O’Leaders
By Anne Ellefson, Student Development Center

Fall orientation activities were largely possible because of the assistance, creativity, and energy of 28 student volunteers, called O’Leaders.

O’Leaders worked 12-hour days during orientation weekend. They could be found carrying new students’ boxes upstairs on move-in day, conducting educational sessions on Saturday, and coordinating a variety of recreational programs on Sunday. They volunteered their time and talents to participate in training sessions last spring and returned to campus early to prepare materials and activities for orientation.

Faculty and staff having contact with the following students are encouraged to let them know their efforts as O’ Leaders are appreciated:

Geri Acker, Jamie Adler, Carolina Avendano, Darick Bloom, Kate Bohn, Amy Brown, Cassandra Burdick, Mike Deline, Lori Doney, Jamie Donnedelinger, Amanda Drake, Anne Elder, Nicole Ellefson, Margaret Elvekrog, Kim Ericksen, Tiffany Grooms, Megan Glann, ReNae Hills, Sam Johnson, Holly Knutson, Matt Metzger, Molly Nesbitt, Becky Raatz, Jessica Schoolcraft, Emily Seberger, Kerrie Shingledecker, Katie Tyler, and Rhoda Winsky.

Congratulations,  Jan!!
Viterbo University Registrar Jan Linderbaum recently retired after a nearly 37-year career serving the institution and its students.

Last Tuesday, in a reception in the FAC Lobby, faculty, staff, and administration turned out in droves to honor her. Amy Gleason, will serve Viterbo as its new registrar.

All-Brahms is Focus of Faculty Recital
Viterbo University Preparatory School of Arts faculty member Busya Lugovier, violist, and pianist Timothy Schorr, Viterbo assistant professor of music, will present a faculty recital on Saturday, Sept. 22, at 7:30 p.m. in the FAC Recital Hall.

The program features solo and chamber works from the late compositional period of Johannes Brahms (1833-1897), including the Sonata for Viola and Piano in E-flat Major, Op. 120, No. 2, and the Four Klavierstücke, Op. 119. In addition, Mary Beth Vach will join Lugovier and Schorr in a performance of the Trio for Viola, Cello, and Piano in A Minor, Op. 114. Vach is the principal cellist of the La Crosse Symphony Orchestra and a string teacher in the La Crosse Public School District. The recital is free and open to the public.

Theme Houses Focus on Generational, Global Issues, and More
By Adrienne Appler, Residence Life

Residence Life welcomes the men and women that are now a part of our Theme House community for the 2001-02 academic school year.  This year’s new and exciting themes include:

S.E.C.T.S.: Housed in the new duplex on Mississippi, Student Education Concerning Teenage Sexuality (S.E.C.T.S.) is a group of four women who will generate, promote, preserve, and embrace sexual awareness, health, and diversity.

H.E.R.O.: Housed in the other half of the Mississippi Street duplex, this group of four men is called H.E.R.O.—Helping Everyone Reach Others. They will reach out to children by creating events and donating their time to the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, the Boys and Girls Club, Chileda, Toys for Tots, and New Horizons.

Mano a Mano: Spanish for “hand-in-hand,” the five women in the 811 house feel it’s important to have an awareness of the Hispanic culture and other cultures.  The theme symbolizes the bond they hope to establish with the Hispanic community in Norwalk.

Forever Young: The four women in the 813 house plan on bridging the gap between the young and the elderly in the La Crosse community.

One World or None: The five women in the 815 house will focus on cultural diversity, and try to bring cultural awareness into the Viterbo and La Crosse community.  They plan to tie part of their programming to the local Hmong community.

Closing the Gap: Hoping to enrich lives, the five women in the 903 house want to interact with members of older generations (those in nursing homes, senior citizen centers, hospices, etc.) in La Crosse.

The Residence Life Center hopes the Viterbo Community will welcome these bright and energetic students.

Campus Art Galleries Open with Exhibits
Todd Wehr Memorial Library Exhibit
Works by Viterbo University students Susan Schaffer, Sarah Schalek, Marianne Thornton, and Cary Wyninger are on display in the library exhibit area through Monday, Sept. 3.

FAC Third Floor Art Gallery
An art show of works by Viterbo alumni Patrick Fahey and friend Gary Voss will open Wednesday, Aug. 29 and run through Friday, Sept. 28 in the FAC Gallery.

Fahey will give a slide presentation and talk titled: “Meaning, Metaphor, and Place” on Aug. 29 at 1:10 p.m. in FAC 219. Fahey will also be present during the show’s opening reception, that day at 7:30 p.m. in the art gallery, the opening and the talk are free and the public is invited.

Questions? Call Ed Rushton, ext. 3752 or email ejrushton.

Get Fit This Fall
Noon Workouts: Get fit and save money through one of the noon-hour exercise sessions available to employees through the Viterbo Employee Health Improvement Program (VEHIP). Classes available this semester include:

Strength Training and Aerobics (lower impact): Strength training on Mondays and Wednesdays with aerobics on Tuesdays from Sept. 4 through Dec. 5.  Strength Training and Aerobics (higher impact): Strength training on Tuesdays and Thursdays with aerobics on Wednesdays from Sept. 4 through Dec. 6.

 oga: Instructors from The Yoga Place will teach classes on Fridays Sept. 7, 14, 21, 28; Oct. 5, 12, 26; Nov. 2, 9, 16, 30; and Dec. 7.

Thanks to a VEHIP subsidy, the cost for the classes is minimal. Higher and lower impact Strength Training and Aerobics costs $45 for 41 classes while Yoga is $45 for 12 classes. Prorating is not available. Sign up today through the Business Office in MC 205. Payroll deduction is an option.

Shoe Crew: Double your fitness benefits and earn rewards for walking, biking, jogging, working out, and more. Now, you can join Gundersen Lutheran’s Shoe Crew activity program through Viterbo. Registration is $20 annually and, for a limited time, you can register as a team to compete and win a trip to Mexico. If enough people register, VEHIP will pick up the $5 trip challenge fee. Contact Marsha Momoi-Piehl in human resources for information, ext. 3930 or mmmomoipiehl.

Jeans Day Organizer Seeking Campus-wide Participation
Campus donations to the weekly Jeans Day charitable-giving campaign have fallen off in recent months to under $100. Yet giving potential on campus could put monthly donations at $1,800 if all faculty and staff joined the cause.

Held each Friday on the Viterbo campus, Jeans Day is an opportunity for faculty and staff to wear jeans to work in return for paying $1 donation to local causes. “Whether individuals wear jeans or not, it’s a good cause. It’s just unfortunate participation has fallen off,” said Marcia Brodt, Jeans Day coordinator. “It would be great if we could start of the year right by increasing participation and displaying the generous spirit that is so much a part of Viterbo.”

The Jeans Day proceeds are distributed as follows:
Week 1: Spirit Day: Supporting the Staff Assembly Grant
Week 2: Employee Day: Defraying the cost of Viterbo employee social events
Week 3: Food Pantry Day: Supporting the Viterbo food pantry
Last Friday: Jeans Day: Supporting two non-profit coulee region organizations through the La Crosse Tribune's Jeans Day fundraiser
Extra Friday: Campus/community organizations or local food pantries

This week’s Jeans Day will support the La Crosse Symphony Orchestra and Great River Festival of Arts through the La Crosse Tribune Jeans Day. If you have ideas or comments on increasing Jeans Day support, please contact Brodt at ext. 3060 or email mkbrodt.

Save a Steinway!
It’s time to toss out the life preserver and save another of Viterbo’s classic Steinway pianos with the annual S.O.S. fundraiser/dinner on Saturday, Sept. 8. The evening includes appetizers, dinner, and musical entertainment by Viterbo University faculty and students. The cost is $65 ($40  tax deductible). Space is limited and reservations are due by Friday. For more information, or to register, contact Deb Stover at ext. 3077 or email djstover.

Submit Info to Lumen
A great way to communicate with the student body is through the student newspaper, the Lumen. Publication dates and deadlines for the fall semester are:
    Submission Deadline        Publication Date
    (2 p.m., Fridays)             (Wednesdays)
    Sept. 14                          Sept. 19
    Sept. 28                          Oct. 3
    Oct. 12                           Oct. 17
    Oct. 26                           Oct. 31
    Nov. 9                            Nov. 14
    Nov. 30                          Dec. 5

Be sure to send your letters to the editors and story ideas to the Lumen editor, Emily Heser, at eaheser or call the Lumen office at ext. 3046.

news you'll notice
What’s New on Campus?
On behalf of the entire Physical Plant staff, welcome back students and staff. Much has happened on campus over the summer thanks, in large part, to the incredible efforts of the entire Physical Plant staff. Here’s a list of these accomplishments:

• For those looking for a good parking spot at the Outdoor Athletic Complex on Highway 16, things just got a bit easier. A 100-stall, paved, and striped lot was completed this summer.
• The parking lot at 8th and Mississippi was paved and Lot A was sealed and re-striped. Another entrance into Lot B was made, creating four additional spaces. This parking lot now accommodates one-way traffic only.
Campus Buildings
• San Damiano Chapel has a nicer view with the restoration of the round window facing 10th street.
• Computer-generated presentations will be much easier in several rooms in the MC, FAC, and BNC with the new room-darkening shades and ceiling mounted projector units.
• The BNC and FAC are a bit cooler on those hot days with new piping for the cooling system in the BNC and another cooling tower in the FAC.
• Improvements in the cafeteria include four new panel curtains and new heated/cooled pass-throughs for food storage.

Campus Residences
• The property at 810-812 Mississippi was thoroughly renovated and made ready for residents.
• Marian Hall South underwent a major electrical upgrade, readying it for the additional computer equipment that follows the network installation this summer.
• There was a change of color at 903 and 712 Eighth Street South as each received new exterior paint.

• Look for new faces in Security. Permar is the new contracted provider for the 2001-02 year. Having a new provider allows us to examine our existing service and develop new ways of providing better security service on campus.
• There is a new security phone. The extension is still 3911 from an on-campus phone but has changed to 769-3401 from an off-campus phone.

New Building
The big news from Physical Plant is that we have a new home at 727 Winnebago Street, just west of Rose Terrace. We’re still unboxing and getting adjusted but we plan on having a magnificient open house before the snow flies. We look forward to seeing you then and hearing from you about any questions/comments you have.

campus ministry
By Fr. Tom O’Neill

With floods and heat wave as part of La Crosse lore, we embark on academic year 2001-02. Greetings once again from Campus Ministry. We welcome all new and returning folks to campus and ask God's blessings on this wonderful endeavor.

New to Campus Ministry this year is alumna Marilyn Pedretti. Marilyn will direct volunteer activities for students, serve as our liaison to area volunteer agencies, and be a resource person for the university. Her office is in the Student Development Center (# 7) and she may be reached at ext. 3829 or mjpedretti. She looks forward to meeting you.

As her first project, Marilyn will host the Volunteer Fair on Sept. 18 from 11a.m.-2 p.m. in the FAC Lobby. Agencies from around the Coulee Region will again be on hand to provide information and encourage students, faculty, and staff to assist them as volunteers. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

It is time to sign-up to serve in various capacities with Campus Ministry (e.g. Franciscan friend, lector, choir member, etc.). Forms for signing-up are available from campus ministers or in San Damiano Chapel.
Please note that Taize Prayer will be held at 10 p.m. on Wednesdays this year. This is a time change.

Mass Schedule:
• There will be no 6 p.m. Mass on Sunday, Sept. 2 since there are no classes on Monday.
• There will be no noon Mass on Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 3. There will be Mass at 9 a.m. at St. Rose, Maria Angelorum Chapel.

“Interfaith Response to Global Warming,” a Regional Conference to be held in La Crosse, Sept. 9, 10, and 11 will address the need for faith communities and individuals to improve energy efficiency and adopt sustainable practices. The conference is part of the Interfaith Climate Change Campaign of Wisconsin IMPACT. For further information, phone 608-791-5260.

On the Journey: Help us today, O God, to trust you with our lives. Show us the path to life and hope and be our God of New Beginnings. Amen.

out and about
Up and coming events at The Pump House Regional Arts Center include the following. For more information on these events or for ticket prices, contact the Pump House at 785-1434.
• “So, You Want to be an Actor?” These acting classes for adults, sponsored by the Showcase Theatre of La Crosse and The Pump House, review such topics as stage fright, movement, voice, auditioning, blocking, and preparation. Classes are Oct. 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, and 25 from 7-9 p.m. at the Pump House. There is no experience required but class size is limited. The cost is $60.
• An “Art Bus Tour” to Minneapolis will be Saturday, Sept. 8. The tour includes stops at the “Degas in America” exhibit at the Minneapolis Art Institute and at the Fredrick Weisman Gallery, which was designed by Frank Gehry. The cost is $58 per person.
• The annual Fine Arts/Chocolate Soíree bears the theme “Tuscany on the River” this year and will be held Saturday, Sept. 15, from 6-9:30 p.m.

Visit the Villa
Two long-time Viterbo University professors have retired to the Villa St. Joseph. Professor Emerita Celestine Cepress, FSPA, recently made the decision to move out to the Villa. She joins Arita Dopkins, FSPA who is continuing to recover from last year’s car accident. Both are doing well and would welcome your calls, visits, and letters. Call 788-5100 or write them c/o : Villa St. Joseph, W2658 Hwy 33, La Crosse, WI  54601.

human resources
Welcome to the many new faculty, staff, and administration who are joining Viterbo this year. Please extend warm greetings to the following:

New Hires:
Kyle Backstrand, assistant professor, chemistry
Mark Brandenburgh, men’s soccer coach
Sara Cook, instructor, business
Shirley Frick, assistant professor, education
David Gardiner, assistant professor, theatre
Jennifer Goodwin, assistant professor, religious studies
Peggy Haggerty, associate professor, nursing
Matt Hansen, graphic designer, communications and marketing
Jennifer Hedrick, assistant professor, nursing
Art Karbowski, custodian
Carl Koch, part-time program director for the Master of Arts in Servant Leadership
William Lemke, women’s soccer coach/athletics events coordinator
Larry Lipker, head men’s baseball coach/outdoor athletics complex suprevisor
Marilyn Pedretti, part-time campus minister
Rod Reiner, assistant professor, dance/theatre
Andrea Schmeckpeper, administrative assistant, financial aid
Glena Temple, assistant professor, biology
Richard Walters, assistant professor, theatre

Not Returning:
Tom Bartel, art
Sue Ernster, FSPA, campus ministry/registrar’s office
Anna Helwig, chemistry
Luis Holguin, athletics
Jan Linderbaum, registrar’s office
Dale Varsho, athletics
Dean Yohnk, theatre

Leaves of Absence:
Vivien Edwards, nursing
Peter Fletcher, art

Fall 2001 Sabbaticals:
Mort Morehouse, psychology
Silvana Richardson, nursing
Jeff Stolz, theatre

Name Changes:
Lynda Colbert changed to Lynda Bahr (email is llbahr)
Andrea Erickson changed to Andrea Schmeckpeper (email is amschmeckpeper)

Part-timers Earn Tuition Remission: The Viterbo University Board of Directors approved a limited tuition remission benefit for part-time Viterbo employees effective July 1, 2001. The employee is eligible for up to three credits per semester (fall or spring only). For other conditions and restrictions, please see the new policy. For a copy, contact Marsha Momoi-Piehl at ext. 3930 or email mmmomoipiehl.

Lecture Series Honors St. Rose
Inspired by the 750th anniversary of the death of St. Rose of Viterbo (1233-1251), Viterbo University has developed the St. Rose Lecture Series on Contemporary Catholic Dialogue, which begins Sept. 4.

St. Rose, for whom the St. Rose Convent in La Crosse was named, was a contemporary of Clare of Assisi and a follower of the values espoused by St. Francis of Assisi.

All lectures in this series are free and open to the public.
St.Rose of Viterbo-Teenage Franciscan Saint, Street Preacher, Contemporary Model of Faith,t Marlene Weisenbeck, FSPA, chancellor of the Diocese of La Crosse, Sept. 4, 2001, 7:30 p.m., San Damiano Chapel

Serving to Learn, Learning to Serve-Franciscan Reflection and Practice in Honor of St. Francis of Assisi, Oct. 4, 2001, 9:15 a.m., Fine Arts Center

From the Heart of the Church: Viterbo University—Catholic, Franciscan
Diocese of La Crosse Bishop Raymond Burke with a Viterbo University panel, Oct. 23, 2001,
7:30 p.m., San Damiano Chapel

Everyday Simplicity: Living the Spirit of Advent, Robert Wicks, chair, graduate programs in pastoral counseling, Loyola College in Maryland, Nov. 26, 2001, 7:30 p.m., San Damiano Chapel. This is theAnnual Paula Ripple Comin Lecture.

Monastic Dialogue: When Eastern and Western Traditions Listen, Margaret Michaud, OSB, prioress of St. Bede’s Priory, Jan. 22, 2002, 7:30 p.m., San Damiano Chapel

The Spirituality of Thomas MertonJonathan Montaldo, Merton scholar and author, Feb. 22, 2002, 7:30 p.m., San Damiano Chapel

An Evening of Taize Prayer, Earl Madary, assistant professor of religious studies, Viterbo University
March 20, 2002, 7:30 p.m., San Damiano Chapel

An Evening with the Pope John XXIII Recipients, Date, time, and additional information to be announced, April 2002.

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