A Newsletter for the Viterbo College Community
Vol. 13  No. 15  December 6, 1999

News You'll Notice
What’s new in the Office of Communications and Marketing? Well, I’m glad you asked. (Actually, I assigned myself to this week’s column because it provides me with an opportunity to highlight some activities of interest.)
• Nominations for the Pope John XXIII Award for Distinguished Service are now being accepted. The award, which constitutes Viterbo’s most prestigious non-academic honor, is typically conferred each spring. Nomination packets are available in our office, MC 228.
• Ever wonder whether, in print, it’s “Sister”, “Sr.”, “S.” or “FSPA”? How about “Dr.” or “Ph.D?” Or whether Viterbo College is first and foremost “Catholic,” “Franciscan,” “independent,” “private,” or “ecumenical”? Such queries have prompted us to produce a publications guide and stylebook which will address these sticky questions and provide a uniform approach for our important communications. Look for it in the middle of next semester and if you have a style snafu or pet peeve, let us know about it and we’ll consider including it in the guide.
• By now, everyone should receive all news releases simultaneous to or prior to receipt by the media. This protocol represents the best efforts of our technology and our desire to keep faculty and staff abreast of news. Couple that with the all-college email account and we have really improved our capability to disseminate information.
• The Speakers Bureau directory is due out in February. Our thanks to faculty and staff who agree to be included. This year, the information will also be on Viterbo’s website.
• Please continue using Connections as your important source of information. Save time, memos, paper and ink and use what is collectively ours?the Connections newsletter. Submit your material via campus mail to Connections, MC 228, or email                                     rdkochthometz.
• Thanks to all who have had kind words to share about the series of Viterbo television advertisements which have been airing locally. Another round is scheduled for WEAU in January and February. The four commercials were taped with students from four area schools last August.
• Finally, if you haven’t had the chance to establish a “web presence” (that’s high-tech for having a website), please see us. We are trying to get all major departments online. We are also available for re-designs. These can be scheduled with Loretta Waughtal, ext. 3040.