A Newsletter for theViterbo College Community
Vol. 13  No. 11  October 18, 1999

Viterbo Board Announces New Members
Four new members have been appointed to the Viterbo College Board of Directors for four-year terms beginning this month.

Glenn Forbes, MD, has been President and CEO of Franciscan Skemp Healthcare since January 1998 and has served on its Board of Directors since March 1997. He is a nationally recognized radiologist who frequently lectures at national and international conferences.

Donna Hansen is a member of the United States Council of Catholic Bishops National Advisory Committee and serves as co-chair of the Riverfront, Inc. major gifts campaign.

Karen Lueck, FSPA, is a member of the FSPA Leadership Team and a former elementary school principal and pastoral associate. She has a Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling and a Doctor of Ministry Degree from Chicago Theological Seminary and is a licensed mental health counselor.

Nola Jo Starling-Ratliff is an alumna of Viterbo and the principal of Horlick High School in Racine. In 1997, she was awarded the Viterbo College Outstanding Alumni Award for exemplary service to her community.

FSPA Anniversary Events
Join the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration at the following events in celebration of the 150th anniversary of their founding.
• “Voices:  FSPAs Sharing the Viterbo Story” will be presented this Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in the St. Rose Convent Chapel. This reader’s theatre explores the history of Viterbo College through humor, song, anecdotes, and drama. Admission is free and open to the public. Participating in “Voices” are Marie Leon LaCroix, FSPA, longtime member of the Viterbo Theatre Department; Rochelle Potaracke, FSPA, faculty member of the Education Department and whose aunt was Rose Kreibich, FSPA, one of the FSPA founders; Bernyne Stark, FSPA, former member of the foreign language faculty; and Maria Friedman, FSPA, Director of Communication at St. Rose Convent.
• “Post Modernism and the Franciscan Tradition” will be presented by Larry Harwood from 3:30-4:20 p.m. tomorrow in FAC 219.
• Taize Prayer is 6 p.m. Wednesday in the College Church.
• The FSPA’s musical heritage will be celebrated by the Music Department Tuesday, Oct. 26 at 7:30 p.m in the St. Rose Convent Chapel.

Luoyang Delegation
Mark your calendars to welcome the delegation from La Crosse’s Sister City, Luoyang, China, on Friday, Oct. 29. A reception and gift exchange ceremony will be held at 3:15 p.m. in the FAC Hospitality Suite. The visit is part of a three-year cooperative agreement between the Luoyang Institute of Technology and Viterbo College.

Updates on the Libary Web Page
The library has been updating many of the features on its web site to better serve the needs of Viterbo students.
Under Internet Search Engines on the library page, we have added numerous new search engines and categorized them by type to help students better search the Internet. We have also added some popular search engines, such as Lycos and Google, as well as the reference site Search Engine Watch. There are several new subject-specific search engines, such as Pronett for business. Students may go there directly through:

If you go to Current Periodicals Holdings, we have also been finding academic resources for the students online. Our periodical listings now have more links to full text Internet sites and online databases. Periodicals are listed alphabetically and you may go to any magazines we carry or have full text on our databases by clicking on the appropriate letter, e.g. Time Magazine under “T.” There is also a link to the Internet Public Library that references over 2,300 online magazines. However, please note that some Internet resources are better or cheaper than others, so be careful. Students may go directly there through:

If you go to Internet Resources by Subject, many subject areas, such as Nursing, have new listings, geared to helping students find publications online. Many of the new listings have places students in a particular area can go to find online publications. The new listings all have a NEW symbol next to them. Students may go directly there through:

If you go to the Index to the Site, we have two lists for students. The first has an alphabetical listing of many of the important links on our site. The second divides the site into categories and allows you to browse the entire library page in one place. Students may go directly to them through:

Q & A
Q:  Why does ticketing in the Viterbo parking lots seem so random?
A:  As you know, Viterbo College modified its parking policies effective August 1999. To ensure the effectiveness of these new policies, Physical Plant personnel monitor the parking lots and ticket vehicles/owners found to be in violation of those parking policies. Monitoring of the parking lots occurs on a random schedule throughout the day, which mitigates the possibility of offenders taking advantage of a set routine. Monitoring has a tendency to increase as  parking violations increase, and a tendency to decrease when violations are less frequent.
- Todd Ericson, Vice President
Finance and Administration
Q&A will be published monthly inConnections. Submit questions by campus mail to Rita Koch-Thometz in Communications or email rdkochthometz.

Volunteers Sought for Nurses' Study
If you are age 50 or older and are interested in improving your overall health and fitness, the Viterbo College School of Nursing is looking for you. Volunteers will be paired with a nursing student who will provide encouragement and guidance through health promotion activities. The Adult Health and Development Program (AHDP) will be held on Fridays from 8-11 a.m. in two sessions from Jan. 28-Mar. 3 and Mar. 24-May 5. If interested, contact Joyce Heil at ext. 3695, or email her at jaheil.

News You'll Notice
During the 1999-00 school year, 380 classroom teachers throughout Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota will busily conduct action research in addition to their normal teaching responsibilities. These teachers will be on campus next summer to report their findings to faculty and students while participating in the capstone course EDUC 604 Proseminar. The successful students will graduate with a Viterbo Master of Arts in Education.

While the program is growing in numbers, the basic tenets have not changed. Teachers take a prescribed series of core area courses and select their electives from a menu of courses published twice a year.

Just a few years ago, Viterbo College was one of the few institutions in the Midwest to offer graduate level coursework off-campus. Now, many of our colleague institutions in the public and private sector are offering programs leading to a master’s degree in a format similar to Viterbo’s.
In fact, in a recent edition of the Journal of Teacher Education, University of North Carolina Professor Alan Tom argued that professional development degree programs should include more courses available off-campus through the development of partnerships with school districts. Tom also made the case for including qualified classroom teachers as adjunct instructors and offering the courses in a timeframe more convenient to classroom teachers.

Tom’s examples sound very similar to the Viterbo College program and philosophy. As one recent Viterbo graduate stated, "The Viterbo program has rejuvenated my teaching career and helped me to grow personally and professionally. Thank you so much!"

Tour Ireland
Visit the "Old Sod," the "Emerald Isle" in the next millennium. Travel to Ireland July 19-30, and visit Dublin, Waterford, Blarney, Cogh, Killarney, Tralee, Limerick, Galway, Mayo, Knock, Sligo, Donegal, and more. For a detailed brochure and registration, contact Father Tom (the purveyor of fine blarney), ext. 3804.

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