A Newsletter for the Viterbo College Community
Vol. 13  No. 8  September 27, 1999

McGarty Joins Faculty As Visiting Scholar
Fr. Bernard McGarty, a recently retired priest from the Diocese of La Crosse, has joined the college’s department of Religious Studies as a Visiting Scholar in Ecumenical Studies. In this position, appointed by Viterbo College President William J. Medland, Ph.D., Fr. McGarty will present a public lecture on ecumenism each semester. He also will serve as guest lecturer in theology courses and perform research and writing in various aspects of religious studies.
Within the Diocese of La Crosse, Fr. McGarty has served as Vocation Director, Director of Communications, Times Review  Editor, Director of Ecumenism and Co-founder of LARC (Lutherans, Anglicans and Roman Catholics) in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. He was pastor of several parishes within the diocese including St. Patrick’s, Onalaska and Blessed Sacrament in La Crosse. He has also served as chaplain for St. Rose Convent.
Campus-Wide Email Distribution Available
Viterbo now can send relevant email to its entire faculty and staff. Use of this new communication vehicle should be undertaken with prudence and courtesy to assure our system is not cluttered with unnecessary or inappropriate messages which can better be distributed via some other method. If you would like to take advantage of this system capability, please keep in mind the following restrictions:

1. Use is restricted to news and announcements regarding Viterbo business and activities which are applicable to all employees. It is not intended to be used to conduct personal business or to promote/publicize a personal opinion, cause or ideal, or to serve as a discussion forum.
2. Only emails sent by employees from college-issued, employee email accounts are allowed.
3. Short messages are appreciated and news/announcements should only appear once.
4. Do not include any attachments. You may, as a part of your email, include a web-based link to a Viterbo College web page which has more details. At present, the system does not differentiate classes of employees (ie. full time/part-time, faculty/administration/staff) Your message will be distributed to all employees.
In cases of extreme or urgent circumstances, a message can be distributed to the entire campus (students and employees). Please contact Pat Kerrigan (ext. 3041) if you have a need to use this service or have any other questions regarding the policies for sending email to all employee accounts.

Your cooperation in introducing this highly valuable medium is appreciated. The President’s Cabinet periodically will review this policy to determine if any changes are necessary.

A copy of these guidelines appears on the Viterbo web site under "Policies" (
To send your email message to all employees, please send your message to the following address:  AllEmployeeAccounts ( is not necessary for this address). For ease of use in the future, enter the address into your address book.

Kudos to...
...Earl Madary, Religious Studies/Philosophy, who was keynote speaker at the Midwest gathering of Religious Communities and Their Affiliates last weekend in Madison. The conference was titled “Being Gospel People in the Marketplace.”
...Busya Lugovier, Preparatory School of Arts, who attended the International Viola Congress in Guelth, Canada this past summer, where she had the opportunity to meet, hear and exchange ideas with the best musicians from around the world. On Sept. 12, the Lugovier Quartet, comprised of high school musicians who study in the Preparatory School, performed at the Reading Festival organized by the La Crosse Tribune and hosted by UW-La Crosse. On Oct. 9, they will perform in Stevens Point at a meeting of geography educators. They have been invited to perform at other community events this fall.
...Melissa Hellwig, Psychology Department adjunct faculty member, for her role as coordinator of the Community Liaison Program. This new program, developed through the La Crosse County Health Department, was created in response to the W-2 program to identify and serve individuals and families in La Crosse County who have unmet needs, to document the gaps in service, and to work with policymakers to address these needs. As coordinator, Hellwig works with people who are not eligible or connected with existing government programs by providing information, referrals and assistance in completing government applications. The program is now taking referrals. Call Hellwig at 785-5841 with questions or to make a referral.
...Larry Harwood, Religious Studies and Philosophy, presented a paper, “Postmodernism and the Franciscan Tradition” at last week’s Conference on Christian Philosophy at Franciscan University of Steubenville in Steubenville, Ohio.

With Gratitude
Srs. Carlene Unser and Nona Grover extend their sincere thanks to the Viterbo College Community for all their remembrances during the illness and death of Sr. Carola Unser, sister of Sr. Carlene and special friend of Sr. Nona.

FSPA Anniversary Events
The Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration invite the Viterbo community to share in their 150-year anniversary by exploring a common heritage through celebrations during October.

“The FSPAs have a rich, 150-year history; Viterbo College is rooted in that tradition. When our founding sisters came to Wisconsin from Bavaria, one of their goals was to provide education to children of the immigrants. Viterbo builds on that early educational commitment. We’re excited about sharing our history and stories with the Viterbo community during October, “ says Rochelle Potaracke, FSPA, Education Department faculty member.
Events this month, which are free and open to the public, include:

• FSPA art exhibit, Viterbo College Library
• Transitus (prayer), Oct. 3, 7:15 p.m., St. Rose Convent Chapel
• St. Francis Day events, Oct. 4
• “Voices: FSPAs Sharing the Viterbo Story,” a reader’s theatre which explores the history of Viterbo through humor, song anecdotes and drama, Oct. 11, 8 p.m., Fine Arts Center, and Oct. 21, 7:30 p.m., St. Rose Convent Chapel
• Franciscan video and exhibits, Oct. 5 and 6, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., Murphy Center Lobby
• FSPA story videos, Oct. 12, Murphy Center Library Robers Conference Room and Oct. 19, 3:30-4:20 p.m., Library Room 130
• Taize Prayer, Oct. 20, 6 p.m., College Church
• FSPA music heritage, Oct. 26, 7:30 p.m., St. Rose Convent Chapel

News You'll Notice
Though we are only a month into the new school year, we know it will be another busy year for the Department of Computer Services. Work is scheduled to start Oct. 4 (with completion by Nov. 12) for the Brophy Nursing Center data wiring project and will be done by TDS Telecom of La Crosse. I will work with the data wiring contractor and the campus staff to minimize inconveniences that accompany this type of project. Once done, this will complete the wiring of all academic buildings on campus.
Those working on training, curriculum, or technology planning that involves the Microsoft Office Professional Suite, please note the following:  We will implement a campus-wide transition from Office 97 Professional to Office 2000 Professional during the summer (May-Aug. 2000). This applies to all IBM-compatible computer systems in all labs, classrooms and offices. We will make copies of the software available in the Academic Technology Center and to selected faculty to facilitate transition training (beginning in the Spring semester). At present, there is no equivalent upgrade available for the Macintosh, so those systems will not be affected. Early reports indicate that the new Office 2000 has the same "look-and-feel" as the current version but is significantly enhanced in web integration.
An order has been placed for 50+ IBM-compatible Dell systems for the last group of faculty to receive systems under the Title III grant. A few Macintoshes also are ordered but will probably face a delay of 30-60 days due to parts delays from Motorola. Once these systems arrive in October, installation will take precedence over projects which had not been scheduled previously. Installations will occur October through November.
Quite a few of the existing IBM-compatible and Macintosh campus computers also are scheduled to receive memory and ZIP drive upgrades. These upgrades will be initiated after the Title III installations are complete.
Just a reminder on the use of VITERBO.EDU versus MAIL.VITERBO.EDU:  You can use either designation when you give someone your email address. We are not phasing out the latter. The final destination is the same. The only time it may make a difference is if you subscribe to a LISTSERV. You would need to unsubscribe under the MAIL.VITERBO.EDU designation and then resubscribe using the VITERBO.EDU designation. If you want your mail to exit the campus email system with just the VITERBO.EDU designation, a Computer Services staff member may have to assist you with changes to settings on your individual computer system. Making these changes is not priority and can wait until after the Title III installations are complete.
Please make sure you are doing regular backups of your desktop systems. Data and programs on network servers are backed up regularly by the Computer Services staff. The Computer Services staff, will not do backup of the files on individual systems. We will help you design a process to ensure that important files are included as a part of backup procedures.
With a little less than 100 days until the year 2000, a few of the POISE administrative systems remain to be completed. This project is a priority for Computer Services and the campus and may cause a delay in the completion of other departmental projects and initiatives.

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