Undergraduate Program Review Process
  • Notification:  The Chair of the Program Review Committee notifies programs of their scheduled review by the end of the academic year prior to the spring semester in which the review will occur.
  • Preparation for Review:  Programs analyze data and prepare a report that addresses the criteria outlined in the next section.  If the report is written by a faculty member, School Deans should be given adequate time to review it before it is submitted to the committee.
  • Report Due Date:  The report is due in electronic form (PDF) to the Chair of the Program Review Committee by Monday of the January in-service week.
  • Review Process:  The committee reviews the report and prepares a response with recommendations to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, School Dean, and Department Chair/Program Coordinator.  The committee expects Deans and Department Chairs/Program Coordinators to share the response with relevant faculty.  Unless otherwise notified, the School Dean or Department Chair/Program Coordinator should address specific concerns articulated in the response in the next five-year review.

Download: Undergraduate Program Review Process