Graduate Committee Membership

The review of graduate academic programs at Viterbo University is under the supervision of the Graduate Council. The committee is comprised of a representative from each graduate program, the Director of Graduate Admissions, and the Chair of Graduate Council.

Committee Members 2022-23

  • Scott Mihalovic, Education
  • Carol Page, Education
  • Matt Johnson, Education
  • Kristie Holinka, Director of Reading Programs, Education
  • Michele Merten, Graduate Program Director, School of Nursing
  • Deb Murray, Counselor Education
  • Kelsey McLimans, Nutrition & Dietetics
  • John Robinson, Business
  • Magy Kellogg, Admissions
  • Tonya Wagner, Interim VPA
  • Cameron Kiersch, Direct Entry MSN
  • Jennie Meger, CELS, Director of Graduate Studies
  • Alyssa Gostonczik, Director of Advising and Career Development
  • Daisy Figueroa, Interim Dean, College of Business, Leadership, and Education